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Eriko Imai - My Place
Total Play - 59:47
Total Tracks - 14
Toy's Factory
Hiromasa Ijichi
Released July 18th, 2001
Out of Print July 17th, 2002
Sold for equivalent Y3,059
Beautiful foldout booklet, free Eriko Imai logo sticker, plastic sleeve case.
Overall Rating:

Animefringe Reviews:
Eriko Imai - My Place
By Dai Kou

It's been a long while since J-Pop group "SPEED" disbanded. Each performer, however, has gone their separate way. Eriko Imai finally finds her place, with "My Place" : the first solo album of the J-Pop Princess.

Featuring 14 incredible tracks, Imai fans will surely find this album appealing, and new Imai listeners will find a new trend. Old favorites, as well as soon to be new ones, breathe life into this album. Let's take a look at what Imai's offering at her place:

Track 1 - "DAWN" -- 3:25
New track - - This song introduces the album quite well, and flows with a particular beat that is a trademark of Imai's.

Track 2 - "Red Beat of My Life" -- 3:53
The ever popular first true single from Eriko [with Crunch]. Unlike Takako Uehara, Eriko seems to have kept the original cut and placed it on the album, as opposed to re-recording. It is, nonetheless, still the great song it was when it was released.

Track 3 - "In the Name of Love" -- 5:09
Previously one of Imai's latter released singles, this song features a newfound style used by the singer.

Track 4 - "Aoisora[?]" -- 4:38
I find this track to be one of the best of the album. Here, Imai's slow-paced beat is featured, and the arrangement is quite enjoyable. We also recognize here that Imai now does her own background vocals, as the earlier singles provided otherwise.

Track 5 - "Set Me Free!" -- 3:56
From Imai's latest single just before the album release, the fast-paced Eriko Imai style is once again used. This is quite a catchy song, as it almost reminds me of SeraMyu : Transilvania no Mori's "Set Me Free!" track.

Track 6 - "Time Out" -- 3:40
A new theme for a new track. As featured on her "Luv is Magic" single, Eriko retreats back to a relatively rock motif, providing a great track with some awesome 'dramatic pauses'.

Track 7 - "FIND MYSELF" -- 4:00
Another old favorite from Eriko with Crunch's second single, "Luv is Magic." As "Time Out" presents, "FIND MYSELF" was the first rock-esque track Eriko really did, and is probably one of the best tracks she's ever produced.

Track 8 - "Identity" -- 4:54
From her second to latest single, "Identity" features as that trendy pop-song everyone expects from Imai.

Track 9 - "Free Soul" -- 4:53
Also from the single "Identity", "Free Soul" appears on this album as one of the better sub-tracks of singles, like "FIND MYSELF." Another trademark themed song from Imai, but still very enjoyable.

Track 10 - "Darlin" -- 3:22
Another relatively new track, featuring a pop-rock theme. I'd say this is probably the least enjoyable track of the album, but it's still got its good points.

Track 11 - "EVERYDAY BE WITH YOU" -- 4:30
An old favorite, blasting from the past days of SPEED. This track was essentially Imai's second single, I believe, featured on the "Breakin' Out to the Morning" single from SPEED.

Track 12 - "Luv is Magic" -- 4:29
Another track title from an earlier single with Crunch. Still a great track, and enthusiastic as ever.

Track 13 - "[?]" -- 4:10
New! New! New! This is honestly one of the best, if not the best, on the album. Slow-paced, great lyrics and accompanied by a beautiful orchestra background, Imai shines in this track.

Track 14 - "Tsumetaku shinaide" ~Transpacific Radio Mix~ -- 4:48
A new mix of Imai's very first solo single off of SPEED's "All My True Love" single. This rendition is quite dance worthy, however, I feel the original still proves more favorable.

Overall, "My Place" seems to be a rather pleasing album. Something new, something old, equaling up to a whole new place to explore - - Eriko Imai's Place.

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