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Animefringe Snack Review:
Sapporo Ichiban Ramen (Chicken)
By Steve Diabo (Kaneda) and Dai Kou


For good snacks, you just can't beat ramen. If you find celery sticks a bit too "healthy," and don't really feel like stuffing your face with sugary-sweet goodie-goodies, ramen is the perfect "tide-you-over" kinda snack that can really stick to your ribs... when it's done properly. I fancy myself a bit of a ramen afficionado, and I tend to roam the markets on a quest to find really good ramen, though my findings usually vary from awful to pretty good. Sapporo Ichiban, though, is one ramen I have never tried before -- until now.

My first impression was of the quantity -- the packet was a good 15% larger than most other ramen packets, and you really do seem to get quite a bit more noodles for your money than you would with other brands. Ramen being cheap enough as it is, this was a very good thing. After tearing it open, a quick inspection of the contents revealed the usual bounty that's found inside a packet of chicken-flavored instant ramen -- some noodles and a packet of chicken stock, which, MUCH to my dismay, did not feature a whimsical picture of a super-deformed anime chicken, a feature which I had come to look forward to when buying certain brands of chicken and beef-flavored ramen. I felt like writing a letter to Sanyo Foods and asking them, "hey, cowboys, where's the anime chicken?"

After recovering from that whole fiasco, I started my water boiling and chucked the noodles in the pot. It didn't take long for a surprisingly rich aroma of wheat noodles to reach my nose. Ooooooooooooh, ahhhhhhhhh. Flash forward to 3 minutes, and the ramen is sitting in my bowl, chicken-stockified and ready to eat! After not much more than two mouthfuls I was ready to declare that Sapporo Ichiban instant ramen is the best I've ever had. The noodles are incredibly soft and tasty, and the chicken stock adds a good kick to the flavor, without upstaging the noodley goodness. And, as I surmised from the larger size of the packet, there was plenty of noodles to keep me busy. After finishing off my bowl, I felt like a changed man, and the lack of a kawaii anime chicken was the farthest thing from my mind. Really.


Ramen -- one of the more commonly-consumed foods of soup lovers in this day and age. One ramen in particular, Sapporo Ichiban, proves to be a rather tasty choice out of the lot. Available in a range of flavors, Sapporo Ichiban Ramen is great as a snack, or as a meal. With the typical stereotype of "College Life Consumption: Cup-o-noodles" in mind, Sapporo is a great alternative, as it sports a unique flavor in itself. Not to mention, the price is right!

Flavor-wise, this ramen 'rocks', for lack of a better word. The flavors from the seasoning combine well with the noodles, providing a heaping helping of hot, tasty goodness. The flavors within this quick-fix snack are just right.. Not too much of this, not too much of that -- As Goldilocks would say, "Juuuuust right."

I enjoy this particular assortment of ramen a lot; mostly the chicken and beef variations. Very enjoyable with ebi-mangetsu crackers, as well as any other sort of rice cracker, Sapporo Ichiban ramen is sure to brighten your day... or at least, make your tummy full and happy.

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