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Animefringe Web Showcase for August 2001:
Site By Shudaika Team

"The first thing that caught my eye when I visted has to be the layout of the pictures in relation to the background colors. It's done in a such a complementary way which makes the eye focus on the pictures and then the text. What this site is comprised of is a schedule of upcoming music releases, weekly hit charts, and nine profile pages on recording artist. Sure, there is still some work left to be done before the profile pages are complete, but in the mean time there are plenty of music videos to check out. Shudika may not be for everyone but it's got enough to keep a J-Pop fan happy."

"If you haven't visited yet, put down the crack pipe and get over there! For an "intermediate" j-pop fan like myself, is an excellent resource. Their database of artists and music groups isn't much right now, but what few they have, in my opinion, perform some awesome music. My favorites are Yuki Kimura, Sister Mayo of Cyber Nation Network and especially Rina Aiuchi. also has complete listings of artists' albums and singles, which for example can be great for renaming and resorting your MP3 collection. It also doesn't hurt that their design is very easy to use and has a great style and edgy look. ^_^"

"First off, this layout is very trendy, clean and attractive. Everything can be found easily, and fonts don't boggle the eyes. As for content, it's very well kept. The detailing of albums and tracks is just what a major J-music fan looks for, and downloads are an extra bonus. Overall, a wonderful and informative site."

"Shudaika is the best organized, most informative, and most up to date j-pop shop online... only it's not actually a shop. (the actual j-pop stores could learn a lot from Shudaika's model). With the combination of music and video clips, up to the minute release schedules, and an active fan forum, this is really a wonderful site for j-pop fans and newbies to learn what's new."

"Shudaika is striking for it's stylishness. It's able to pack quite a bit of information on its frontpage and make it look good. The amount of time put into the site is quite obvious. While all the content isn't there yet, the news is informative and you can't ask better than realplayer samples (well, since MP3 became a dirty word). For a long time J-pop veteran or the curious newbie the site is a great starting point. "

"Wow.. This site has a very nice layout, and is just chock-full of information for all your J-pop needs. Everything seems to be very up to date, ooooh! So much stuff I want *drools over The Pillows "Busters on the Planet" DVD*!!! This is a really nice site, pleasing to the eye and very informative. The only way that this site could be improved is if they had a search feature, so you could type in the artist you were looking for and get a list of everything on the site about that artist. The individual artist profiles could also be beefed up quite a bit, but in my opinion the sheer volume of news and up-to-date hit charts still make this site an amazing information source. Other than those two aforementioned shortcomings, this site is not wanting for anything.. brand new J-pop lovers like myself (i've been slowly drifting that way from the 'J-punk' I already listen to ^_^) and veteran listeners alike will be able to find something of interest at Shudaika."

"Ooooo... nice. This is a very well laid out site. It took me some time to understand what it was for, though and it could use a little more information on the artistes instead of just naming their hit singles. The prices aren't bad either. Well, back to working on my school homework."

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