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Kaikan Phrase
Fansubbed VHS
Tokyo TV
Got J-rock? Got bishounen? What more could you ask for?
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Animefringe Reviews:
Kaikan Phrase
By Danielle D'Ornellas

Santa and Yuki, the respective drummer and guitarist from the band 'Climb,' have a slight problem. Santa's girlfriend, who's the vocalist for Climb, has been cheating on him with Climb's own bass player! Unable to stand staying with the band after so much emotional turmoil, Santa quits, and Yuki follows suit. But now what's a talented duo like them to do?

Make up their own band, of course.

Kaikan Phrase is an anime that follows a similar pretext to the 'making the band' television show genre that has recently become popular in North America. It features a tossed salad, so to speak, of disgruntled band members who've all come together to form the outstanding group 'Lucifer, the fallen angel' or just 'Lucifer' for short. The only real catch is how to snag that one special vocalist which they all have had their eyes and ears on.

Sakuya, the quiet, typical lead shoujo character with a shady past and a dull outlook on the future, is their special vocalist. After an impromptu gig at a night club frequented by all the members of Lucifer, the boys think that they have Sakuya under their collective thumb. Little did they know that Sakuya would be calling the shots with his involvement in the band from that moment onward.

The answer to the dreams of all Weiß Kreuz fans with its bishounen quality, this anime sports an interesting voice cast as well. With well known veteran Miki Shin'ichirou (Yohji Kudou - Weiß Kreuz, Allen Schezar - Escaflowne) as Yuki the sexy guitarist, Chiba Susumu (Nagoya Chiaki - Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne) as the soft spoken bassist, the up and coming Suzumura Kenichi (Kanzaki Kyouichi - Boys Be) as the barely legal guitarist Atsuro, the oddity that is Sakurai Takahiro (Tentomon - Digimon) as the oddity that is his drumming character Santa, and last but not least, the mysterious Matsukaze Masaya as the mysterious vocalist Sakuya. Nothing is known of Matsukaze's voice acting background, either this is his debut or a one-shot for him, but boy can he sing!

This anime was originally based on a manga series of the same very basic nature. The manga tends to be a centralized plot around Sakuya and his girlfriend, and their 'activities' more so than the band itself. As this anime tends to lean towards angst and drama in a musical sense as well as personal involvement, the manga was quoted as being "the equivalent of a trashy romance novel".

On the fun side of things, the dialogue in this anime is enough to drop a jaw at. Many of the comments that the characters make to each other can be taken in so many perverse ways, that it's plain to see why this bishounen filled musical romp is a favorite obscurity amongst the fangirls. It's not only in the dialogue, but in the character's motions when they say these suggestive lines, their facial expressions and their tone of voice. A theater roaring with laughter at a simple "We'll show him a good time!" is always something to smile about.

Instead of episodes, Kaikan Phrase has 'gigs', forty-four of them in fact, and the series aired on television in Japan in the spring of 1999 and wrapped up in the spring of 2000. There have been no rumors or signs of it being commercially licensed in North America as of yet.

Kaikan Phrase is just about the epitome of good series for any bishounen obsessed fangirl, or any j-rock lover in general. The first two episodes started out a bit slow, but by the third there were definite signs of improvement on the horizon. Not a series to be missed if you have ever found yourself watching "Making the Band" for more than five minutes!

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