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Animefringe Snack Review:
Nobel Super Lemon Candy
By Steve Diabo (Kaneda) and Dai Kou


When I was a little kid, I used to eat lemons like oranges. My family found it quite amusing to watch me bite into a nice, ripe lemon and not even flinch, and they would sit me down by the kitchen table and watch wide-eyed as I chowed down and wondered why they were all gawking at me so strangely. To this day I have a very high tolerance of bitter candies and fruits, and believe you me, I can take any "super-sour" candy North America's confection industry can throw at me. But with Japan's "it all works just a little different" style and culture, what would a Japanese sour-lemon hard candy taste like? I was dying to find out.

The contender: Super Lemon hard candies by the Nobel Confectionery Company. The packaging has a real 80's MTV-generation kinda feel to it, which I got a kick out of. Inside are a good number of round, individually-wrapped little hard candies that have a yellowish tinge to them. On the back of the bag there's a charming little comic strip featuring a lady trying one of the candies. Well, the second she puts the thing in her mouth she gets quite a nasty surprise and she shouts: "OH! New Taste." "Pshhh," I balked. "She's an amateur!" and popped one of the little candies into my mouth. It took all of 2 seconds for one of the sourest things I have EVER tasted to take effect. This "lemon taste powder" they claim to dust these things with is obviously derived from some strange mutant lemons from beyond the moon. I had to fight the urge to spit the thing out at first! But, after the magical taste powder dissipated in my mouth and enough tears welled in my eyes, I was treated to a very tasty lemon candy that wasn't sour in the slightest. I suspect that the surface layer of super-sour powder serves to "condition" your taste buds to better enjoy the lemony taste of the rest of the candy.

So, in conclusion, Super Lemon candies were a "new taste" for me indeed. The first few seconds of remarkable bitterness might discourage a few of you, but just hold on tight and it will pass without incident. One thing's for sure -- I'm bringing these suckers to school and making my friends try 'em!


Whooo! Can we say sour? That's the first thought that comes to mind when you pop one of these babies in your mouth. The lemon powder that's lightly coated over the candy itself certainly packs a punch for its first impression. Such a taste reminds one of the American Candy, "Warheads." You could safely say that this Super Lemon is the Japanese equivalent of just that. After the sour-power wears down, your taste buds experience the sweet, yet tangy, taste of the lemon candy. This is where one might recall the taste of a "Lemonhead." Although this candy almost seems like a mimic of many before it, Super Lemon is truly a wonder in itself. Yum!

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