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Animefringe Reviews!

This month, some of us wrote some reviews regarding some items and stuff like that. We compiled them into a list, and this is it. If you look down, you'll see... 8 reviews. Click on the image and you are taken to the review. Please read and enjoy. No, wait... oh, sorry. Read and enjoy, yeah. And don't forget that these are just harmless opinions!

As usual, we're willing to review anything you'll like from Japan. That includes ANYTHING -- Anime, Manga, canned beverages, toothpaste, music... anything. We mean it. So, if you have a review you'd like to see on Animefringe (we'll put it right here on this page with the rest of the month's reviews...) don't be afraid to send it over...

Blood: The Last Vampire

Imagine a movie that is breathtaking in terms of visuals but lacks any true substance other than a having a girl running from and killing monsters for a long time. What you end up with is Blood: The Last Vampire, a movie that can't be considered a movie but will more than likely end up gaining cult status for no real reason.

By Jake Forbes - More...

Mobile Suit Gundam Vol.1: The Battle Begins

Every anime fan knows about Mobile Suit Gundam but not every fan has seen the show that started the phenomenon. Sadly, only fans of dubbed anime will be able to stomach a mediocre dub that doesn't live up to the dub of the movie trilogy. Sub fans will undoubtedly have to look elsewhere for their Gundam fix.

By Jake Forbes - More...

Starship Girl Yamamoto Yohko Vol.1

One thousand years in the future, wars are no longer fought with legions of soldiers and weaponry, but instead with a handful of "representative" tactical pilots pitted against each other in space. It's a no-holds-barred, winner-takes-all fight to the finish, and even though our home planet team Terra has superior spacecraft, they're still short one teammate. It's going to take someone of exceptional skill and cunning to make the cut -- and where better to start looking than right here in the present day?

By Steve Diabo (Kaneda) - More...

Inital D Third Stage: The Movie

Combining the unbelivable power of computer animation, top rate quality animeworks, and an awesome soundtrack, Initial D the Movie is something you won't want to miss. With remade sequences added to the brand new chapter of the AE86 legend, Initial D the Movie will surely be able to satisfy your appetite for excitement and incredible special effects.

By Ever Cheung - More...

Kaikan Phrase

In the night clubs of Japan, there's a revolution coming; the best J-rock band you've never heard. Follow the perils, pitfalls and accomplishments of 'Lucifer' as they ascend up the charts.....or do they descend into the bargain bin?

By Danielle D'Ornellas - More...

Embracing Defeat: Japan in the Wake of World War II

Embracing Defeat covers the details of occupied Japan; the increase of American ideals and fears and the revolution that changed the country. The book is a lucid and objective look at the post World War II Japan.

By Ridwan Khan - More...

Mario Kart Advance

Not everyone is 'Super Sonic Racing,' but they have more than likely raced at some time or another with Mario and the gang. Mario Kart Advance is a back to the basics look at what made the series so popular in the first place: power-ups and fun courses. So grab a kart and go head to head with some friends.

By Adam "OMEGA" Arnold - More...

Nobel Super Lemon Candy

Faster than a speeding lemon... able to leap over tall lemons in a single bound... yadayadayada. Super Lemon. What's so 'super' about it, anyway? They are SUPER sour! These little suckers pack a wallop! Read on to find out more!

By Steve Diabo (Kaneda) and Dai Kou - More...

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