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Animefringe Web Showcase for September 2001:

"I can't say that I have ever seen a single episode of Di Gi Charat but I do know who the characters are right off the bat. is one of those well thought out informative fan sites that make you want to run right out and find fansubs. I'm not joking, when you can begin quoting Di Gi Charat you know there is something special about a site. Add on the fact that there are is a large number of pictures in the gallery and some truly unique downloads and you get a very unique web site experience. Be sure to check it out."

"If all anime and manga series had a fansite as well-groomed and consice as, humanity would reach a new level of sophistication. Seriously. If you're a fan of Di Gi Charat, there's just no other site out there that could ever possibly pack all the information found at I mean, they must have like a scan of anything and everything that was ever printed or published for Di Gi Charat. CDs, DVD covers, trading cards... they even have pcitures of the seiyuu! Can you say hardcore? Personally, I haven't yet had the chance to experience Di Gi Charat... but if anyone can muster the effort to start and maintain a site like this just for Di Gi Charat's sake, it must not be all that bad an anime!"

"Different from official sites, well-designed fan sites always have a way of attracting more people, especially a fan site for series that had been overlooked by a lot of otakus in the US and is one of these sites. Personally, I don't like big picts whenever I visit a website because it can be annoying at times for the majority of the population who're still living off 56K connections. But I have to say I'm quite happy when I see the fanart pict on the cover, not too flashy in colors as most official sites, but still nice enough to draw attention.
I'm really impressed with the large amount of precise information the site is able to offer, from release dates to when and where Digi Charat-related articles were published in Japan, which is something fans of the series were only able to get through the little bit of translated news they could find on the net. And the single colored themes on the site just make it so much easier on the eye."

"Digi Charat is cute-nyo. It's all about the cute characters and wacky humor-nyo. But doesn't capture this spirit-nyo. It's not like they should add "nyo" to the end of all their sentences-nyo, but they could at least use more colorful pictures-nyo! Someone who is completely unfamiliar with the series who goes to this site first to learn about it-nyo, is not likely to understand the show's appeal-nyo. For existing fans of the series-nyo, there's lots of useful info here that can't be found anywhere else-nyo. Simple, but efficent-nyo. But I would expect more from the definitive Digi Charat site-nyo."

"It's no secret that I'm attracted to bright colors and flashing lights. That's why the super cute art of Digi Charat caught my eye. I've been looking to get into Digi Charat since I first saw wallpaper for it a year or so ago. Dejiko is the place to get info into this odd little title. Offering a clean design and plenty of Digi downloads, it seems to me that the site offers something for the seasoned Digi fan (I know you're out there) and newbies."

"This site is not only cute, but very informative! Unlike most other anime fan sites, Dejiko has also included the names of the seiyuu of the characters which is something very important. It also includes some other information that most other sites miss out on such as the digi spotting guide. This website almost has it all. Well, everything except a humour section. I even found some nice rare downloads! Well, I think it isn't completed yet but I can't wait to see what it looks like finished. Now I shall go back to my hole and do my homework."

"At the splash page, looks like a typical shrine to the odd anime Digi Charat. But upon entering the site you become aware that it's a well made site with a layout that is simple, yet attractive to view. I mean, you can't really get sick of the different colour schemes for each subsection, what with the cute coloured character images. For their content, this is easily the most comprehensive Digi Charat page on the web. Detailed character descriptions, song lyrics with cd info, and quotes for the most diehard fans! And if thats not enough, gloats a full fanart page, some cute download extras, and a buzzing bbs. Great site for new and old Digi-fans! "

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