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Animefringe: October 2001

October is here, and with it comes cooler weather, beautiful autumn colors, Halloween (cosplay opportunity! yatta!), and ..for some of us, unfortunately,.. midterms. But fear not! It *also* brings with it another rockin' issue of Animefringe, chock full of goodies JUST FOR YOU! This month, we have many diversions for you to entertain yourself with while you are slacking *cough* I mean, taking a short break from your studies. What better to clear your mind than that? Not to mention.. at least you're reading, right? Your parents and teachers can't argue with that, right? ...right?

Gene Shaft: A Future With No Feeling

A century into Earth's future, the existence of mankind was threatened... not by some hostile alien race or cosmic cataclysm, but by our own hands. The few humans who remained were forced to make some drastic changes to the human race in order to secure our presence in the future. Genetic engineers attempted to remove the genes that give humans the ability to posses emotions that could be considered 'dangerous' and 'unstable' and successfully limited the world population to one male for every nine females. This was NOT, however, an attempt to create a paradise for men, but rather to control the side of the population that displays the most violent, aggressive behavior in a desperate attempt to keep the tragedy that destroyed the majority of the human race from happening again.

By Ever Cheung - More...

Anime Weekend Atlanta 7

Con season for the year of 2001 is grinding to a halt, but our very own Adam "OMEGA" Arnold made an appearance at one of the last cons of the year, Anime Weekend Atlanta. In his shenanigans at AWA, Adam got oodles of yummy tidbits from a few major companies... not to mention becoming addicted to music videos and learning some fancy footwork from a few of the masters of Dance Dance Revolution.

By Adam "OMEGA" Arnold - More...

Ebichu the Housekeeping Hamster

Now tell me, could this title come off as more innocent and family oriented? Probably not, especially after you take a look at the hamster they're peddling as their main character. But in this feature, you'll come to realize why you should never judge an anime by its title and by the main character's adorable and charming looks. All of this is part of one of the most recent releases by Gainax. Warning - This article makes reference to things that some people's parents might not like them knowing about.

By Danielle D'Ornellas - More...

Editorial: Chasing Otakuism - Reality is Stranger than Fiction

In the wake of the recent terrorist attacks on the United States, the morale of many Americans has been rather manic - sometimes we are overtaken by wave after wave of heartwarming patriotism.. and other times, we have felt the despair that is only known to nations who have had their sense of security and justice reduced to a shambles. Perhaps now we can truly understand the fatalistic message in the art of the Japanese, because now we too have had our morale rocked to the core. What kind of impression will these events have on our view of the art of other nations, and what kind of effect will they have on the art of our own?

By Jake Forbes - More...

Anime Briefs

The main news we're following this month is Big Apple Anime Festival's decision to go through with the big Manhattan anime event, the first of its kind this size in New York City. We highly encourage anyone living in the area to take part in the festivities... In fact, BAAF organizers are allowing us to offer two 'All-Access' tickets to the Big Apple Anime Fest and 4 DVDs to 5 lucky winners! Check the Anime Briefs page to enter the prize drawing!

By Ever Cheung and Ridwan Khan - More...

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You are currently viewing an archived back issue of Animefringe Online Magazine. Click here to read our latest issue!