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Super Street Fighter II X Revival
Game Boy Advance
More or less the same old game.
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Super Street Fighter II X Revival
By Adam "OMEGA" Arnold

Street Fighter II was the single most revolutionary fighting game of all time and it's undoubtedly the one game with way too many sequels for it's own good. It's been ported to virtually everything from the Super Nintendo to the Playstation, and now it has been ported to the Game Boy Advance in the form of Super Street Fighter II X Revival. Naturally, something is bound to be lost in the transition of the six button controller scheme to the four buttons of the Game Boy Advance. Street Fighter has always been about pulling off a particular set of directional and button presses before the enemy can deliver a hit, and it's quite shocking to see how close (or different, depending on your arcade stance) the controls are.

You see, the portable game uses the four buttons for strong and weak kicks and punches. All the directional motions are kept and once you get used to the fact that there are less buttons it is often a lot easier to pull off some moves using this control scheme. On the other hand, it does take some getting used to to master this system.

Graphically, the game beats any of the Super Nintendo incarnations hands down. Stylistically, the game uses the later, more anime stylized versions of the characters during the menus and post battle scenes, but the actual fights are the tried and true original arcade versions. The backgrounds are even far superior to the SNES versions in both movement and actual depth displayed.

In the actual arcade mode, you choose your main character and then you have a choice of four styles of fighting, ranging from normal to three versions of turbo. You then have to win two rounds against your opponent in order to move on to the next battle. Pretty self-explanatory, right?

There is also a full training area where you choose your main character to practice with, and then an opponent that does nothing but guard when played as a one player game. The main character starts out with a full super bar and as damage is inflicted on the opponent, their health meter goes down. The catch is that if you don't finish off the opponent quickly enough, the bar fills back up.

The one minus that I've found with the game is this: in order to link up and fight two player you have to have two game cartridges, and since I don't have another copy of the game I can't really say how the game handles in that mode.

Surprisingly, the game is nearly ninety percent in English. All the menus and options appear in English and are easily changed. The only thing that is in Japanese are messages that are displayed at the end of a battle and the text during the game endings, but if you're even remotely familiar with those messages, then you can take a guess at what they say without needing to crack out a Japanese dictionary.

In the sound department, pretty much all the familiar game tunes have been brought over and play quite nicely through the tiny mono speaker of the system. If you absolutely must put on a pair of headphones for the true stereo experience, be prepared to let the wire get in the way if you don't have a set of speaker amplifiers. Oh, all the in-game voices are the tried and true originals that are known world-wide, so get ready to mimic them whenever you pull off a move or win a match.

If you are looking for a tried and true classic to just pick up and play, then you can't go wrong with another version of Street Fighter II, but without a friend with a second cartridge to go up against, there is little more to do than fight the computer.

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