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Animefringe Snack Review:
Kasugai Gummies
By Steve Diabo (Kaneda) and Holly Kolodziejczak


Ah, Kasugai Brand Fruit Gummies -- my old friend. I have to admit, these marvelous little gelatinous goobs are not new to me. I've loved these things ever since I first tasted one over a year ago. Coming in a wide range of excellent fruit and berry flavors like Orange (my personal favorite), Pineapple, Muscat (it's a kind of grape, folks) Strawberry and many more, these candies are NOT to be confused with anything ever made on this side of the Pacific. The Japanese believe in a simple philosophy when it comes to fruit flavoring -- fake just doesn't cut it in that country. It has to be real, and it has to be daaaaaamn tasty. Kasugai Gummies rock! Just opening the bag will get you high on oh-so-yummy fruit smells. In a country where they'll try any kind of snack food once, it's always the ones that withstand the test of time that are amazingly good, and Kasugai Gummies have been a mainstay in the Japanese sweets cupboard for years now -- and in this sweet-toothed otaku's opinion, they're gonna be around for years to come!


Wow! Sweet, fruity goodness the likes of which I have personally never tasted in a gummy. So many domestic candies claim to taste just like the fruits themselves.. cha.. as if fruit really tasted like that. Kasugai Gummies have a flavor that is so much like the real thing, you wonder if they count one as your daily fruit servings. I honestly had to say that I had my doubts, since I am not a big gummy fan, but as I popped the very first one cautiously into my mouth... and I was hit with that wash of real fruit flavor... I was forced to reevaluate my opinion. Folks, these are not your grandma's gummies. Even if you don't normally like gummies, give these a try.. they might just change your life forever.

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