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Coming down to the wire and going on little to no sleep, Team Animefringe has dished out another set of reviews that'll help you to figure out what you should be wasting your money on. Just check out two cool new comedy series from Pioneer, Hand Maid May and NieA under Seven... Or how about the long delayed release of X on DVD? Better yet, maybe you should shell out all your cash on the latest set of McFarlane anime figures.

As usual, we're willing to review anything you'll like from Japan. That includes ANYTHING -- Anime, Manga, canned beverages, toothpaste, music... anything. We mean it. So, if you have a review you'd like to see on Animefringe (we'll put it right here on this page with the rest of the month's reviews...) don't be afraid to send it over...

NieA under Seven Vol.1: Poor Girl Blues

What would you do if one day you woke up and you had an alien living in your closet? Would you think it was cool, or would you be totally freaked out? Let's say you subscribed to that latter notion, but you could do nothing to get rid of the alien? NieA under Seven takes that concept and smacks it totally into left field in a bizarre comedy that pokes fun at the cultures of the world - and has a good time doing it.

By Adam "OMEGA" Arnold - More...

Hand Maid May Vol.1: Maid to Order

May is a cyberdoll. She is here to clean your house, wash the dishes, do the shopping, cook your food, and turn on the TV among other things. Just remember, your cyberdoll maid is only a foot tall, so make sure she doesn't over-exert herself.

By Adam "OMEGA" Arnold - More...


The Dragons of the Sky battle to save humanity while the Dragons of the Earth fight to destroy the world to let it be born anew. It's up to Kamui to decide who wins.

By Jake Forbes - More...

Trigun Spicy Stewed Donut Original Animation Soundtrack

Trigun the anime is a true mixture of elements: it's comedy mixed with drama; deep introspection mixed with insane hilarity; soft, tender moments mixed with scenes of violence and mayhem. So why should the soundtrack be any different?

By Holly Kolodziejczak - More...

McFarlane's 3D Animation from Japan Wave 2

Ever dreamed of owning a scene right out of your favorite anime series, but don't have the money to spend on tracking down the animation cels? Well, fret not - because the latest batch of McFarlane's 3D Animation from Japan Action Figures have arrived, and they are nothing short of spectacular. Heck, there are even MORE this time around. So - run down to your friendly neighborhood toy store and grab your favorites.

By Adam "OMEGA" Arnold - More...

Read Japanese Today

Covering only 300 kanji, a skeleton look at kana, and not describing stroke, Read Japanese Today is hardly an authoratative look at kanji. However, it's innovative approach to learning kanji is useful.

By Ridwan Khan - More...

Super Street Fighter II X Revival

Remember when Street Fighter II came out and everyone would spend hours on end at the arcade learning to master all the moves? Well, Capcom's tried to bring that experience to the handheld market - and they'd have done a near perfect port, if it weren't for the watered down controller scheme.

By Adam "OMEGA" Arnold - More...

Kasugai Gummies

Kasugai Gummies have been around for a while, but have you ever tried one? Even if you don't normally like american gummy candies, these are much different! Read on ro find out more about these remarkable little wonders of Japanese taste technology.

By Steve Diabo (Kaneda) and Holly Kolodziejczak - More...

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