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Animefringe Web Showcase for October 2001:
Sae's Magic Hat
Site By Lytasae

"Mahou Tsukai Tai is one of those cute series that is just amazing in terms of its dedicated fanbase. Go to any convention and you're guaranteed to see cosplayers for this series, and if you surf the net you find an equally impressive number of fan sites. What better place to start your trip into the realm of the Magic User's Club than at one of the oldest and biggest... Sae's Magic Hat? You'll find a fairly straight forward navigation system that isn't hampered by a cluttered layout. You click on any of the key sections at the main page and then you are taken to some informative pages which sometimes have other links to explore. A really fun extra I found was the Love Test. It's simply priceless."

"The more web sites like this I visit, the more I realize I must be living under a rock for not ever seeing the series. It's sites like this that make the series look so darn good! Running a site dedicated to just one series almost always denotes a real enthusiasm for the series inherent in the site's creator or creators... and this site's been around for a while now, apparently. I also found the design simple, yet easy-to-use and light-spirited, which goes just perfectly with the artwork showcased in the site, among all the other goodies. Excellent work!"

"This page makes me want to watch the show - even more, JOIN the club. However, a few things could be done about layout because it confuses me. The page in itself is informative and cute, but it still needs some work. I especially enjoyed the love-test... even if it WAS for boys."

"Well planned, easy to navigate, very informative, fun, aesthetically pleasing and full of goodies.. what else could you want from a fansite!? Sae's Magic Hat really does have just about everything that a Mahou Tsukai Tai fan (such as myself! ^^) could ever want. Comprehensive information that is up to date, a substantial amount of *actually viewable/downloadable* multimedia and fanworks (so many sites have pages for that stuff, but it's always "coming soon".. I'm kinda guilty of that myself, heh heh.. ^^;;; ), fun little MTT related diversions, and links to places to go if you still want more! Sae's Magic Hat has really done a wonderful job at what it set out to do, and I would say that it's one of the best fansites that I have seen out there. (plus, there's pictures of our very own Danielle in the cosplay section! how can you go wrong? ^_~)"

"Upon first glance, Sae's Magic Hat doesn't fit happily within my 1024x728 resolution. *hits the monitor* Now this site... is THE Mahou site. When I saw the first two episodes of the OVA, I immediately went online and found myself here. It gives you every piece of information about the show, TV and OVA. This webmaster isn't negatively concerned with the licensure of this show, she actually refers to it positively. Her cosplay section showcases a good amount of MTT cosplayers (yours truly is in there), and is a great place to go for costume design references. A well designed site with the perfect combination of fun, and information."

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You are currently viewing an archived back issue of Animefringe Online Magazine. Click here to read our latest issue!