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Animefringe Web Showcase for November 2001:
Site By Peter Payne and James West

"If you want quality Japanese commercials you pretty much can find them at The prerequisite is that you have quicktime. Other than that all you have to do is choose one of the sections, browse through the screen captures, and pick a series you like. If you get board or end up watching all the videos there is always plenty to read in the forum. Good stuff all around, though not much else. The one thing I found most entertaining weren't the commercials themselves, but rather the little asides that appear on the pages where the movies load. Ever wondered why you never see Diet Coke ads in anime? You'll find the answer in the food section."

"And the almighty glory of the CM-Watch descended from the heavens, and seeded the land with Japanese TV commercials... Steve saw what CM-Watch had done, and it was good. It was very good indeed. Whether you're one of those people with a craving for some REAL contemporary Japanese culture, or you're just tired of watchin' the same old infomercial for the Shirley Temple video box set taking over your Law & Order rerun on A&E, is the only website I've ever found that exclusively showcases all the fun and frolic that happens between program breaks in Japan. Some of 'em are real gems! This site's already one of my favorites, so give 'em a look!"

"Until recently I had never been blessed with the goodness of Japanese commercials. Now, working with raw anime on a regular basis, I get to see those wonderful commercials. But I am sad to think about how many years of commercial watching I missed out on. If only I had known about CM-Watch before! The site has a wonderful assortment of commercials from "Those Wacky Japanese!" And it's educational too! It makes one wonder what your average Japanese person must thing of American commercials... My only complaint is that the site's home page doesn't clearly state what they're all about. When I was first introduced to the site, I didn't know what it was all about. Aside from that, it's a wonderful video archive site that anyone with a good internet connection shouldn't miss out on."

"*Raises one eyebrow a la Spock* Yes... right... erm... Fascinating... heh heh heh... *Sweatdrip* This page certainly provides a rather interesting insight into the differences between the Eastern culture and the Western cultures through commercials. Although I have to admit, it is a little weird. Well, I guess you can pick out a few and play them in between two eyecatches to make it look as if you REALLY are watching the show in Japan. I like the NTT internet one because it has a crossdresser (At least, I THINK it's a crossdresser) in it."

"WAI!!! XD ...I _LOVE_ CM-Watch!! I'm a total digital fansub junkie, so a couple months ago when I found this site, I started playing the commercials between episodes.. almost made them feel completely authentic.. (yeah, i know.. geek..) I love CM-Watch.. those guys are great! The layout is easy to follow and understand, they have a huge selection of all different kinds of commercials (joy!), and we get new CM's relatively frequently to boot! Wai wai! My personal favorites in the New section are: Elleseine, Papico, Docomo Keitai, and Shaka Shaka. But YOU should go to CM-Watch and pick out your favorites ^^ And if this isn't good enough for you... we're sorry."

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