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Cardcaptors: Songs From The Hit TV Series
CD Original Soundtrack
Total Play Time: 36:45
Total Tracks: 13
Kid Rhino
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Animefringe Reviews:
Cardcaptors: Songs From The Hit TV Series
By Adam "OMEGA" Arnold

On my first listen-through of the Cardcaptors soundtrack I found several songs that I mildly enjoyed. Sadly, that changed on subsequent play-throughs as the pop meets dance nature of the songs became annoyingly stale when compared to the likes of the first English Sailor Moon soundtrack, Sailor Moon: Songs from the Hit TV Series. I was expecting at the very least the songs from Cardcaptors to be on the same level as those seen in Sailor Moon, and in many ways they are, they just don't seem to fit the show's tone as well, which makes me even more hesitant about ever watching the English adaptation of Cardcaptors again.

Track 1 - "Guardian of the Cards" -- run time - 3:13
This song reminds me of the classic DiC Sailor Moon songs where you get this pop-based song with an upbeat message about how you can do anything. It's fairly cute and ties into the show nicely.

Track 2 - "Tell Me" -- run time - 2:47
I'm beginning to see a pattern here already. This song's main tone is a bit somber compared to the previous track. Yet, it still keeps a message in mind when presenting the lyrics. I have no qualm with this song.

Track 3 - "Invisible Me" -- run time - 3:22
Ok, this track is a bit of a change of pace compared to the previous two. It's got this N*SYNC quality to it that reminds me of the DuJour songs from the Josie and the Pussycats movie soundtrack. It's kind of hard for me to see how this song fit into the series.

Track 4 - "Just Around the Corner" -- run time - 3:17
This song's lead-in music reminds me of the Pokemon song 'Viridian City' and seems to be a lyrical version of some of the frequently used background music from the few episodes of Cardcaptors I actually watched.

Track 5 - "I Got Your Back" -- run time - 2:22
This song is defiantly R&B inspired and has a bit of a positive Gospel tone to it. It doesn't really have any direct references to Cardcaptors though other than the 'fighting side by-side' parts.

Track 6 - "I Can Make It" -- run time - 3:19
Ok, we have another slow boy R&B song. This song has a bit of a Latin beat in the background but the lyrics just repeat way too much in this is three minute song for me to listen to it all the way through more than once. Definitely one to hit the skip button on.

Track 7 - "Lucky Day" -- run time - 3:43
Though this song is a definitely a unique track, it sounds as if the singer was trying way to hard to imitate Cher and at the same time throw in some kind of lyrics that pertained to the show. The beat sounds soggy and has this cross-over-country style to everything. Skip it also.

Track 8 - "Ordinary Girl" -- run time - 2:22
Ok, now we have this synthesizer derived song that actually pertains directly to the show. Call me weird but I like this song just because it's about Kero and Sakura and has some lyrics from the main title in it. If it was just a little bit faster I might actually like to play DDR to it.

Track 9 - "Whenever You Try" -- run time - 3:13
We go from dance music to a quasi-R&B-meets-hip-hop style, but this song does have some good beats. It's just way too positive. At this point, the CD is going on positive message overload. It wouldn't be so bad if it the songs didn't all deal with Parappa The Rapper's 'ya gotta believe' message.

Track 10 - "She Is The One" -- run time - 2:45
This song may be related to the show but it's really juvenile sounding with the kids screaming "Cardcaptors!" in the background to the mellow singing by Christopher Rouse. The pumping beat doesn't help this song at all.

Track 11 - "Let's Go" -- run time - 2:24
All right, I really like this song because of the beat and the freaky singing by Melissa Andre. Sure, it's got this annoying chorus of "Let's Go" but it's a fun song that really helps to bring this CD back from the point of being a lost cause.

Track 12 - "Cardcaptors Main Title" -- run time - 0:56
The one song that I was expecting the most out of and it's the one that lets me down. Why isn't there a full-length version of the opening theme song? If I wanted the TV size version I'd just line out the audio from my DVD player and do my own recording of the song. What a rip off. Well, at least the free card makes up for things...

Track 13 - "No Nagging" -- run time - 3:02
For some reason, I find this song hilarious. It's a character song, for one thing, but it's also techno based and flat-out funny to listen to. It's also the only song on the entire CD that isn't positive; in fact, it's all about Kero-chan telling Sakura off for being such a nagging crybaby. Well, that's my version of the song at least.

Undoubtedly, I found this CD to be a real waste of my money because I was expecting so much more from it. I'm not one for boy groups so all those songs don't even score with my taste. I ended up only truly loving tracks 8, 12, and 13. I'm sure some fan of the dub will enjoy this soundtrack, but hardcore Card Captor Sakura fans are urged to stay away from this CD and import the real thing.

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