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Animefringe Web Showcase for December 2001:
Aya no Weiß kreuz Corner
Site By Jey Kama

"When a site is on the net, there are bound to be some snags along the way. Aya no Weiß Kreuz Corner screams of these pains. Being torn from it's old home and forced to find a new one has strewn a number of bits around. Yet, regardless of these troubles the site still holds much of it's original flair as evident by the extensive Manga and Anime sections which feature not only tons of info but also various translations as well. There is so much in some sections that it feels like information overload especially when you get to the later sections which seem to be lost in moving limbo. Let's hope this site can get back on it's feet again because it sure has some great content."

"In checking out this site I found broken links to the degree that I cannot comment on it. It's either a dead site, or a poorly maintained one. The menus are cool, but that's all I can say."

"I didn't spend too much time on this website. It's a lovely tribute to the shojo manga of weiss kreuz. The pity is that half the links are broken and half the pictures are missing. Well, it's quite interesting. Yesh."

"Definitely one of the fan favourites on the web, Aya no Weiß has all that you need if you're a drooling Weiß fangirl like me. She has the most complete and orderly list of lyrics to all the WK songs (theres alot, trust me) available online, pictures from many coveted image books and drama cds, information on the prequels to Weiß and even TRANSLATIONS to the OVA episodes which no fansubber has touched yet. Her site has been through the strainer thanks to being completely booted from NBCi hosting, and hopefully she can keep up the excellent work she's done so far, in her new host."

"I thought this site looked nice and it had some really unique info like DVD and VHS codes and some ISBN numbers - very useful for finding goods for the series. I am not a huge fan of frames though, add that to some broken links and this site isnt all it could be. Nearly, just nearly."

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You are currently viewing an archived back issue of Animefringe Online Magazine. Click here to read our latest issue!