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Devil Hunter Yohko: The Complete Collection Vol.2
Bilingual DVD
120 minutes
ADV Films
Mad House
Nippon Computer System Corp
Toho International
The second set celebrating ADV Films tenth anniversary doesn't disappoint, and neither do the antics of the impressive pre-Buffy demon hunter, Yohko.
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Animefringe Reviews:
Devil Hunter Yohko: The Complete Collection Vol.2
By Patrick King

Due to some mean thief, I was almost unable to review this Collection. In fact, that's the reason I never wrote a review of the first collection; they were both stolen from me along with a few video game controllers, my beloved copy of the excellent Jet Set Radio Future, and my sister's Playstation 2. When we find the culprit, we're going to... Well, I probably shouldn't print what I'm going to do to him in case the police ask questions... But let's just say I'll have my revenge. In the meantime, I snagged a SECOND copy of the perky and enjoyable Devil Hunter Yohko (along with replacements for all my stuff) and here we are, examining the second collection celebrating A.D. Vision's 10th anniversary. All in all, I'd say this is a set worth buying twice.

This volume includes episodes 4, 5, and 6 of the OVA series, though episode 4 (titled 4-Ever) is a collection of music videos featuring the songs from the anime. This is a very bright and clean series, despite its age, and the characters are all fun to watch. There's not too much of a continuing story here, however. Essentially, the titular Yohko is the 108th Devil Hunter in a long line of such professionals and each episode features her battling some significant foe or another. Though there are some horror elements in this series, it probably most comfortably fits within the action/comedy genre more than anything. While this isn't the most thought-provoking anime ever produced, it is very fun to watch and contains plenty of fan service, well-animated fight scenes with interesting weapons, and then some more fan service. Yohko's transformation into her Devil fighting dress naturally involves the stripping away of her old clothes, and battles frequently contain hits that expose the combatants in just the right places.

There is no such thing as too much fan service. Well, perhaps Agent Aika or Plastic Little... Eh... Nah. It's all good. In truth, the amount of nudity is not truly insulting, and I was able to safely watch this with my girlfriend without getting a mean look once. It's more cute than ecchi, so don't get the impression that this just soft-core porn bundled with martial arts. It's just hard to not comment on the amount of casual nudity included.

Right. Now that we've got the nudity, well... Covered... we can move on to the musical aspects of the show. The music is really good. It is a bit old, but after hearing the tracks, I quickly ripped them onto a MiniDisc for the time being (until MORE domestic anime and video game SOUNDTRACKS are released in North America HINT HINT HINT). The music video episode is completely worth watching, and some of the songs are really funny on their own.

The voice acting on the show is great for the Japanese side of things - Yohko sounds just like a teenager-turned Devil Hunter should sound, and I can't get enough of her grandmother's voice. The English dub isn't anything spectacular, but I'll admit I'm never too fond of dubs. As I've said, DVDs are great, because they no longer limit us to picking shows that are subbed or dubbed - we can get it all in one package!

The set comes in one of ADV Films' nice two disc plastic boxes with Yohko centered on the cover and her co-stars illustrated dramatically in the background. There's a good deal of information on the back - always a plus - and the cover is certainly attractive enough for me. (Obviously, because I bought it. Twice.) There isn't much by way of extras - trailers for the series and clean opening and closing animations, but included (and not too apparent from the case) in the set is a DVD catalog for ADV Films... Featuring an entire (dubbed) episode of Excel Saga and Steel Angel Kurumi. This is a GREAT addition to a DVD, and even though I hate dubs, I actually bought the latter title simply because I saw this sample episode. Hopefully, more publishers will follow suit to ADV Films' typical good example. For those of you who were wondering, I had already purchased Excel Saga before getting this set. In general, this is a fun series and historically significant (as it was one of ADV Films' first licensed titles back in the day), so if you're looking for some brain candy and aren't offended by fan service, this is a great set to add to your collection. And, just to set the record straight, it is okay to like Buffy the Vampire Slayer AND Devil Hunter Yohko. I'll admit that I like them both... And now the truth is out there.

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