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Animefringe Web Showcase for September 2002:
anime @ Jubei-chan
Site By George Chang

"Ah, Jubei-chan that the show about some cute girl who receives a lovely eye-patch and then get's hounded by hordes of samurai's and ninjas. Jupiterstar's fan site really brings back some great memories. This site has a really nifty layout, make note of the half-circle look. The text on the pages even follows the circle of the picture. The site sports a episode guide and a really cool set of character dossiers along with some nice extras. I've always wanted the mp3s from this show and this site seems to have them, but I couldn't ever seem to download them. Oh, well. At least there are some nice character wallpapers."

"What a cute little website! The main design is visually appealing, the information seems very complete. The color schemes are well put-together, the images are cute... just.. WAI~! The whole site is a very nice composition and it loads quickly and completely. My only complaint is that on some of the pages, it deviates for the curved design to a more square design, and to me, that muddies the continuity of the site. I know that in some cases, the curved design is impractical, but sue me.. I'm a sucker for consistent design. Overall, however, it's very nicely done; not too subdued, not too flashy, and a general wealth of information about what is a very fun series."

"At first glance, this looks like an average Jubei-chan fansite, but once you start clicking around, you will soon discover you are quite wrong. This site offers complete episode guides with screenshots for all 13 episodes and a complete and accurate plot summary. This webmaster has done their homework. The multimedia section covers the music and the dvds of the show in full detail, as does the character section. For those looking for some *goodies* as well as information, you can pick up a crisp wallpaper from the series at your disposal. Overall an impressively researched and well maintained site."

"I knew nothing about Jubei-chan before visiting this site but now I’m filled to the brim with all sorts of squishy miscellany about this series. The site has a boat-load of frilly information on the series spanning full episode guides, character sheets, screenshots, wallpapers, and even OST listings. There’s also downloadable trailers, but those were limited to 5 connections at once. As an added bonus, I even got in touch with my feminine site by browsing through all the pink-laced heart-patched pages. Though no fault of this great site, I feel a great need to purify my body of all things ‘cute’ and ‘girly’ now so I’ll be out back performing acupuncture on myself with a butcher knife. Don’t mind the screams, I'm just brutally realigning my chi."

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You are currently viewing an archived back issue of Animefringe Online Magazine. Click here to read our latest issue!