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Claus and Lavie were always ready to prove just how great their flying skills were, but nothing could have prepared them for the mission that was to come! From Studio Gonzo comes a high-flying adventure that sets its sights to the skies above and goes much further. Strap yourselves in -- it's going to be a bumpy ride!
By Adam Arnold
This ain't no Cowboy Bebop. It is, however, one of the most intriguing space-based creative Japanese works within the past few years. Makoto Yukimura bands with Sunrise to discuss the next great threat from space -- garbage. (Not the band)
By Dillon Font
Protecting the interests and dignity of the royal crown is first priority for Jack Hofner and Rowe Rickenbacker, better known together as L/R -- but which one's L and which one's R? Does it matter? Read on to find out more!
By Patrick King
Another year is passed, and the results of another Top 25 are available! Animefringe's annual tally seeks to find which anime sites on the web are hot items. Check in and see how your favorite site did!
By the Animefringe Team
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