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Angel Tales
Goro Mutsumi is latest in a long line of girlfriendless losers to go from being down on their luck to hitting the girl jackpot virtually overnight and this time, the harem comedy takes a very karmic twist in Bandai's Angel Tales, where the moral is "be kind to animals, and you will find love." Can you handle the heavenly cuteness? Sure you can!
It was that time of year again and Adam Arnold was on the scene to take in the con going event that is Anime Weekend Atlanta. How did the con fair in its tenth year? You'll just have to read our special report and find out.
Can Janet and Matt survive three days at Denver's Nan Desu Kan 8 on just one box of Pocky? Better yet, can they survive at all? Join them as they set out to answer that very question once and for all...maybe.
Animefringe delves into the world of Tamagotchi as we discover the origins of the world's first virtual pet, its startaling success, bizarre disappearance and amazing return in the form of the all-inclusive, must-have hit toy of the year--Tamagotchi Connection!
Announced at Denver's Nan Desu Kan 8, North America's oldest anime magazine gets an update, 21st century-style. Same great magazine, just a new owners and a new name--Anime News Network's Protoculture Addicts--and it is hits store shelves January 2005.
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