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Sentimental Journey
Twelve tales of twelve girls in different cities, each one deeply affected by a boy's brief appearance in their lives. Take a wonderful adventure that reaffirms true love, friendship and the power of the heart to change yourself!
Most guys would love to have a girlfriend who loves them for who they are and truly cares about them, most guys would also love to have their right hand be a hand.
Join us as we explore this action-adventure OVA of submarine warfare between technologically-advanced ecoterrorists and the rest of the world! Only one man stands in Admiral Red's way: Captain Hayami and his submarine, 707!
PlayStation 2 just got slim, X-Box got their latest killer app, and Nintendo just unleashed their latest must-have holiday item--the Nintendo DS! How does this sleek little dual-screened baby stack up? Come "Feel the Magic" with us!
We all know what we want for Chrismukkah, but have you ever wondered what you're favorite characters ask for come Chrismukkah time.
no. 2004/12
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  • Americans have no respect for the direct-to-video market. Look no further than Disney's uninspired sequels for proof of that. Yet in Japan, OVAs are known for their higher-than-average quality and have had healthy sales. What's the deal, huh?
  • A dialogue analysis that seeks to blueprint the integrity of what is referred to as "progress." It is through the meeting of three public figures from the political drama Gasaraki in which one may be able to discover such a schema.
  • A daring battle between the sexes! The goal is to determine who stands more capable of wooing those luscious ladies. Which smooth-as-satin tongue prevails: Staci's or Ben's? Above all else, courting mayhem is sure to be had!
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