Slave Sisters

by Janet Crocker

Occasionally, I stumble across hentai that wanders along the creepy/turn-off line for me. Slave Sisters is among that small category, which also includes K.I.T.E., but that particular anime had enough action scenes to detract from the rape/abuse. Slave Sisters is all sex and abuse, all the time.

The parents of Yukari and Miku Ishiki die suddenly, leaving the girls with the family's massive debts to a mysterious crime syndicate. The only way that they can settle this debt is by selling themselves as highly trained sex slaves. Actually, the client only wants the barely teen Miku, but Yukari begs to be a sex slave as well, as to keep her sister company. After all, they only have each other now. Shunji Iwashiro, the sex slave trainer brought in by the syndicate to train them in two months, agrees to take and train them both, hoping to sell them as a set and ensure both of the girls a life of comfort. Assisting Shunji is Takamura, a rather creepy guy who spends more time watching the girls through hidden video cameras than actually helping out in the turning of Yukari and Miku into sex slaves.

Various male-female sexual positions are explored, as well as humiliation, water sports, sex in public, enemas (happily, most of that scene is audio-only), rope bondage, and toys. This all leads up to lesbian incestuous sex between Yukari and Miku, which turns into a three-way with Shunji.

Although enemas and water sports are on my "UGH!!!" list of disgust, they did not alone spoil this hentai for me. I just kept getting this weird creepy vibe when watching it. Maybe it was too close to home for me (as much as animated characters can be), or rather, brainwashing through the use of words felt too realistic and scary, since I know how easy it is from years of psychology classes at college. With Yukari, they go too far, turning her into a deranged nymphomaniac who never pauses for a thought before leaping onto Miku and fondling her.

I also didn't like seeing the virginity blood spill happen, once again. This time, the scene is heightened by the visual of a silhouette penis thrusting downwards between two dark skyscrapers with a horribly loud cracking sound, then a puddle of blood dripping down as the first episode ends. The second episode has the bizarre imagery of the later episodes of Neon Genesis Evangelion, with a naked Miku being confronted by various versions of herself.

Throughout the anime, Shunji has compassion for the sisters and the situation that they are in, thus he trains them hard, so that they will be excellent sex slaves and never want for anything. It is revealed that Shunji was also manipulated into his job, and he thought that Yukari and Miku would be his last job. The syndicate, however, has other ideas, as Shunji is such a good trainer. Besides being manipulated yet once again, Shunji learns that his trained slaves are being resold, passed among different men like ordinary women, not the life that he envisioned for them. Another shock is that apparently Shunji and Yukari were brief, but close friends as children. Taking the broken Yukari with him, Shunji leaves the syndicate, killing her as the syndicate finds them and shoots Shunji. The hentai ends with Takamura "training" Miku, who has had all her memories of Yukari and Shunji erased, along with anything else that might get in the way with her job. He informs her that they are dead. Miku begins to cry, not knowing why she suddenly feels so sad...

I found watching the subtitled version a lot better than the dubbed. The Japanese voices seem to match the characters better, with Yukari as a tired housewife, Miku as your average teenage girl, and Shunji as just a businessman. The English voice of Shunji sounds like David Boreanaz of Angel, Yukari a worn-out Californian porn star, and Miku's voice is too childish for my comfort and sanity. It doesn't help either that Miku looks like Neon Genesis Evangelion's Asuka and has flat breasts. The English voices really give Slave Sisters even more of a child pornography vibe than the original Japanese version. At least you can pretend with the subtitles that Miku is sixteen or a late-blooming seventeen.

Considering that this is a 2003 release, the animation quality really isn't that great. It reminded me of early 90's, sketchy cel animation. Pubic hair is absent, along with the occasional penis. I can only guess that penises were originally censored invisible, then re-drawn or colored for DVD exports, but they missed a few frames. Other than that, the anatomy and body positions are well drawn and complete. Unfortunately, the back cover of the DVD lies, as nowhere in Slave Sisters does Yukari, tied up with rope, have burning candle wax poured on her rear end.

Slave Sisters might be a red flag hentai for me, but these girls just might be perfect for you!

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