Web Showcase:
The Best Anime Desktops Out There

The second installation of Web Showcase lets you know where the best and brightest anime desktop wallpapers can be found online.

by Megan Sutton

One of the best ways to show your enthusiasm for a particular anime series is to have a beautiful desktop wallpaper featuring it! I've perused countless wallpaper sites to bring you a list of some of the best places to get your desktop background fix. As a sidenote, wallpapers are often just called "walls" for short, and I will be using that convenient abbreviation.

There are a few really big wallpaper sites that have tons of images, but too often, the wallpapers found there are merely Photoshopped backgrounds placed behind cutout characters. What makes a wallpaper special is the way that the images are combined and laid out, and how it reflects the spirit of the depicted show.

How noteworthy a site is depends a lot on its layout and navigation system. A site could have the best wallpapers that you will ever find, but if you can't find them or search through them easily, you're not very likely to stay on that site.

So, without further ado, here are six of the best sites that I've found, in no particular order.

Web Showcase image.


This is one of the first sites that I ran across as I was searching Google for wallpaper sites, and it stuck with me. The site itself has an interesting design, although it is a little awkward to have to scroll down every time you go to a new page, because the top section always stays the same. In terms of wallpapers, they have a diverse selection of images, and they are all very nicely done. Some of their best walls are in the Neon Genesis Evangelion section.

Abstract Anime

This site is great! All of the wallpapers are gorgeous, with detailed images and beautiful colors. My only complaint would be that they need more! The site is well laid-out, with the navigation bar on the right side. I think most people are used to it being on the left, so it's a little strange at first. I would have to say my favorite wallpapers on this site are ones from Mamotte Syugogetten and Ah! My Goddess.

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Known as an Anime Art Community, Minitokyo has the best and most beautiful wallpapers that I've seen, and I have seen tons. Many people post their own creations, and there are reviews on the images, as well as a forum to discuss art and other topics. The site is gorgeous, and you can spend hours looking through all of the sections. I have noticed that it runs a little slow at times, probably due to all the people looking through the images! It's just about impossible to pick a favorite from this site...


I was blown away by how beautiful the site itself was when I ran across it, not to mention the wallpapers! There are some basic character cutouts over cool Photoshop backgrounds, but the good backgrounds more than make up for it. Best of all, there are tutorials on how to make some of the effects that they use in their wallpapers! Some of the best ones are in the Other Anime/CG category, as well as in the Oh! My Goddess section.

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DA! Desktop Anime

The wallpapers on this site are very unique. Most of them look nothing like the wallpapers on the other sites, and that is a good thing. When you need something different, look here and you're sure to find it. I really like the layout of the site; it's different as well. Her Ghost in the Shell walls are particularly beautiful, and some of the Spiral ones are cool as well. If you can't find something that you want on the main page, she keeps all of her old walls in an archive, which you can look through as well.

Web Showcase image.


I think my favorite part about this site is the fact that it says "Select Cortical Stimuli" on the wallpaper page, called the Anime Series Module. Cortical Stimuli? How awesome is that? But in terms of quality wallpaper, which is why we're here... this site is yet another excellent source for... yes, Cortical Stimuli. There are some really cool walls on this site, so check them out.

Thanks for joining me for this adventure on the World Wide Web! Now go download some wallpapers and accessorize your desktop!

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