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The Place Promised in Our Early Days
Everyone knows what it's like to have a promise broken, or has made a promise that they couldn't keep. In The Place Promised in Our Early Days, keeping a promise could mean the difference between life and death, or between saving the world and ending it. Join Animefringe as we look at the latest anime from the creator of Voices of a Distant Star, independent animator Makoto Shinaki.
Follow the journey of Syaoran as he hops from world to world in his valiant search to help for Sakura regain her lost memories in the anime adaption of CLAMP's latest series Tsubasa Chronicle. Come with Animefringe as slide along with the wacky crew of the CLAMP Universe and strive to make sense of what we've seen!
What happens to the souls of those murdered or killed by misadventure? That's the question posed by Tsutomu Takahashi in his manga skyhigh. After two live-action series staring Yumiko Shaku, the big-screen theatrical version of this supernatural love story is being released on DVD in America. Come fly away to the Gate of Rage...
A film that so effectively combines artful cinematography, storytelling, and subtlety is a rare one, and director Hirokazu Koreeda has successfully accomplished this in his wonderful masterpiece, Nobody Knows. This story of four abandoned Japanese children is one that will not soon be forgotten by any who have seen this masterpiece.
An unusual release from CPM, The Boy Who Wanted to be a Bear is a French animated film appropriate for all ages meant to appeal to fans of any kind of animation. Itís something a little different, but it might also represent a new direction in the American domestication industry--does all foreign animation need to come from Japan?
They're coming! Psychological thrillers are making their way onto bookshelves near you. Join Animefringe as we highlight some manga at the forefront of this exciting edge-of-your-seat genre.
One of the most intriguing anime series ever produced has finally come to an end now that the final disc of The Twelve Kingdoms has hit retail shelves. This month, Animefringe wants to make sure that it doesnít go unnoticed.
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