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Cons, cons and more cons!

Summer sun has made way for a barrage of conventions all across North America and the world. Sure, you could go for the panels and the dealers room stuff, but why not grab that old camera and hunt down a few sexy cosplayers? Sure, some of them are easy pickings, but then there are those that bolt at the first glint of a camera! Those are the ultimate in big game hunting!

Okay, you should know the drill by now. But in case you don't...what we have here is the latest installment of Animefringe's Wanted!--that strange little column where our staff rattle off a list of all the killer stuff they're most looking forward to getting in the coming month and beyond! --Adam Arnold

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Lesley's Picks

(DVD) Ah! My Goddess! Vol. 2 - Yes, the adventures of Belldandy and Keiichi continue in the form of these gorgeous Japanese DVDs. Fear not! American fans, Media Blasters have the rights for the US release! This DVD contains episodes four to six, and I just love the cover art, but am trying to wait for the American releases.

(Music) Tsubasa Chronicle Original Soundtrack: Future Soundscape I (Limited Edition) - I love Tsubasa Chronicle, and the music is gorgeous. This CD is actually out in the first week of July, but I though the limited edition is worth a mention, as you get a pen made from one of Sakura's feathers. The CD looks to contain some gorgeous music, including the opening theme "BLAZE," and Maaya Sakamoto's gorgeous ending theme, "LOOP," as well as some truly beautiful instrumental music to soothe the soul.

(PC/PS2 Game) AIR - I did a feature on this gorgeous anime series a few issues back, but I really want to get a hold of the game, mainly because the PS2 edition contains full voice-acting. However it's very difficult to find it, and it costs a fortune. However, Amazon Japan have been advertising a theatrical version of the game for the PS2, and Key is re-releasing the original PC version in both all ages and adult format, so I'm tempted to get that, despite the lack of voice-acting.

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Janet's Picks

(Anime) Spiral Vol. 6 - Although the opening music annoys me a lot, I kinda like this Detective Conan derivative. Maybe finally we will find out where that absent brother has been, why are the Blade Children not carrying keyblades or something, and see why this series is called Spiral.

(Manga) Samurai Champloo Vol. 1 - I'm interested to see what the manga adaptation will look like. Probably a cross between Cowboy Bebop and FLCL, with the anime style smothered under hip-hop edges.

(Manga) The Tarot Cafť Vol. 3 - I really can't wait until September to read more of this great new series from TOKYOPOP. It's made me want to pick up more of Sang-Sun Park's works, mainly Les Bijoux, although the title makes me think of movie theatres in Quebec.

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Shannon's Picks

(Anime) Planetes Vol. 1 - The anime adaptation of my favorite sci-fi manga is now being released by Bandai. The disc includes a ton of extras, including interviews with NASA about Planetesí realistic portrayal of space. Astronaut food not included.

(Manga) MeruPuri Vol. 1 - I donít know anything about MeruPuri, except that it has a Japanese school girl, a prince, magic and an odd title. Oh, and really nice art.

(Manga) The World Exists For Me Vol. 1 - The Chiho Saito stories that Iíve read have either been Revolutionary Girl Utena or flowery smut. Her new series being released from TOKYOPOP is probably the latter, considering its original title was World of S&M, but Iím a huge fan of her artwork, and a little smut never hurt anybody.

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Joe's Picks

(Anime) Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex Vol. 7 - How could I possibly not say this title? The early front runner for best anime of the year in my book, and what quickly became one of my all-time favorite series: everyone should run out and get this. The special addition collector's tin will be the pride and joy of any anime fan's collection.

(Anime) Midori Days Vol. 3 - I wrote my first feature on this anime back in November, and being able to get it here makes me quite happy. Also, the people from Media Blaster were awesome at AnimeNEXT.

(Manga) Remote Vol. 6 - For someone who's personally not a huge manga fan and doesn't read that much, this is the only manga that I'll buy as soon as it comes out, and I look forward to reading whenever it does.

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Benedict's Picks

(CD) Ichigo Mashimaro: Opening Theme - Continuing my fanboy love for Ichigo Mashimaro, I'm anticipating this single from CDJapan. The opening theme is sung by the series' seiyuu for the four girls: Chika, played by Chiba Saeko (Natsuki from Mai Hime); Matsuri, played by Kawasumi Ayako (Mahoro from the Mahoromatic series, Lafiel from Crest of the Stars, etc.); Miu played by Orikasa Fumiko (Aoba from Jinki:Extend, Seres Victoria from Hellsing, Chise from Saikano, etc.); and Ana played by Noto Mamiko (Yukino from Mai Hime, Shimako from MariMite). It's a nice theme that can be heard off of the previously released Prologue DVD.

(DVD) Akane Maniax Vol. 2 - As a fan of Kimi ga Nozomu Eien (Kiminozo), I've chosen to also collect this three-episode, spin-off OVA series, focusing on Akane and Gouda. Akane Maniax is a nice breath of fresh air, contrasting the serious drama of Kiminozo with a light-hearted comedy. While it's not an exceptional anime to me, it is entertaining, not to mention better for my wallet after owning Kiminozo on DVD. Plus, each volume comes with a little Akane figurine and reversible cover!

(DVD) Whisper of the Heart - This DVD has been on my wishlist ever since I first watched it back in 2003. I've always put off ordering it, because there were usually other R2 DVDs filling my order list, but not this month! It will be great, once I can finally own this movie on DVD.

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Chris' Picks

(Box) Fruits Basket, Box Only - I bought Fruits Basket fairly late in the game, although not late enough for the box set. Now it's bothering me that I don't have a box to store them all in, so I might as well invest ten dollars to get one.

(DVD) Samurai Champloo Vol. 4 - Volume 3 really got me back into the series, and it prompted me to get the two OSTs that I was missing -- 'Playlist' and 'Impression'-- after the small letdown that was the second disc. Hopefully, the series will continue this trend of good music and even better action with the next release.

(Live-Action DVD) GTO: The Movie - Although I have it stashed somewhere on my computer, I'm definitely going to buy this one if only to show my support for a U.S. license of the full live-action TV series, which is amazing. Everyone buy it now!

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Patrick's Picks

(DVD) Boys Over Flowers Vol. 12 - The final disc for one of my favorite old-school romantic comedies. This was a great series from the start, and Iím hopeful for an equivalently satisfying ending. If you can stand anime that was produced prior to the computer-aided animation revolution, then this is an excellent series based on an even better collection of manga. It easily falls into the category of "not nearly as popular as it deserves to be."

(DVD) Piano: Melody of a Young Girlís Heart - It may look cutesy, but there are few things I can count on going into this series. First of all, the character designs are by Kosuke Fujishima (of Oh! My Goddess and Youíre Under Arrest fame). Second, TRSI is releasing this DVD, which means it will be produced with the tender love and care that only they know how to provide for an anime series. Iím there.

(DVD) Steamboy - I missed this one in theatres, and Iíve been dying to see Otomo work his maniacal, magical, O.C.Delicious powers in a retro futuristic setting. Iíve heard all of the lukewarm reviews, citing the film as a major letdown, but as a person with absolutely zero expectations and exceptionally wide-ranging standards, the naysayers can stuff it. Count me in for some Steamy Boy action. Wait... that didnít sound right. You know my girlfriend is now my fiancťe, right? In any case, any flavor of Otomo is a must-buy for me.

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Adam's Picks:

I've been getting a crapload of sleep here in my Volcano Lair. So, I guess my picks must finally be paying off. Woohoo!

(Other) Some Device To Makes Anime Chicks Real - Yeah, I could point it at the TV and wham...instant chick. Who cares if she's 2D. Thin's in, right?

(Other) Sense Slapper - Imagine, if you will, a pocket-sized machine that you fold out whenever someone says something so stupid that you just wish you could slap some sense into them. Well, with this device...you could.

(Other) Legal Counciling - Because I will have put the Sense Slapper to good use, I'd require quite a bit of legal advice. I wonder if Johnny Cochran is available. Hmm...

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