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by Janet Crocker

Welcome back to another edition of Mail Desk! This month, we have updated information on Mermaid Melody, requests for help in tracking down music, and advice for Shannon on anime clubs, among other diverse topics. Send us an email, and let your voice be heard before classes start! Enjoy the last few days of freedom!

EXTRA: A source that wishes to remain anonymous informed us that current issues of the Gravitation manga are available online at Web Comic Genzo for a small fee, with July's issue being free. So if you wish to keep reading about Shuichi and Yuki, and the English volumes are just not enough, there is a place for you. Mandy has been taken out back and throughly spanked with a yaoi paddle for leaving that factoid out of last month's Gravitation feature.

I'm an american thinkning about moving to tokyo japan. I was woundering if you good give me some advice on what to do ounce I get there and maybe tell me what theese names mean in japanese:Samejimi Mamimi
Haruhara Haruko
Sayonara Maromi -

Thanks you very much,
Haruhara Mamimi

Hi Haruhara Mamimi,
There's lots of websites with advice on moving to Japan, such as Relojapan and Japan-Guide. However, if you're a student, try checking out foreign exchange programs or the JET program, where you are paid to teach English in Japan for a year. It's always good to try out a country before you uproot yourself to live permanently over there.

As for names: sayonara means farewell, as in there is doubt that you will see that person again. It's not just a 'see you later' between friends; that's 'ja ne,' or 'ja matta ne,' if you're being formal.

As for Samejimi Mamimi, Haruhara Haruko, and Maromi, they are just names from FLCL and Paranoia Agent, respectively. It's like asking if Jennifer has a meaning. I suppose it does if you're into tracing language shifts, but you wouldn't introduce yourself as "Hi, I'm White Spirit, or White Wave, or White Cheeked!"


Dear Animefringe,
I am currently searching for manga title "Kaiouki" created by "Masatoshi Kawahara".

I need help abouth the preview of this manga called "Kaiouki". Are there any translate for this manga in comic for English Language? The latest volume of this comic is 24 in Japan language.

Hello Permana_72,
It's available at Sasuga Books, and there are apparently 25 volumes now. As it's serialized in Shonen Jump and seems to be quite popular, that raises the possibility of an English translation. However, my Google Fu has resulted in no information besides ordering the Japanese volumes.


Dear Animefringe,
I really liked Satoshi Kon's Paranoia Agent. It really made you think and had a lot of twists. I was wondering if you knew if Satoshi Kon plans on directing another series? If so, are there any details on it yet?

Bonjour B33Anime!
Yes! Satoshi Kon is currently working on a project with Mad House called Paprika, featuring a female detective who can investigate cases by entering peoples' dreams. It might be released in 2006 (we can always hope). Regardless, it sounds really cool.


Dear Animefringe,
Back when ADV released The New Cutey Honey series, I really dug the music, especially the heavy metal rendition of Honey's theme (the version used in the second half is rather blah depsite being in english). I've been trying to track down a Soundtrack CD but with no luck. Howeve I figure some extra info might help the search. What's the title I should be seeking?

Hi December73,
There are actually three OSTs: New Super Android Cutey Honey Music Collection, New Super Android Cutey Honey Music Collection 2, and oddly enough, New Super Android Cutey Honey Music Collection 3.

The first OST has ten tracks, and a few pieces from the first episode only. The second OST contains the music played in episodes two to four, and contains a lot of the background music and songs, so this is probably the one that you're looking for. It has twenty tracks.

The last CD has music unique to episode four, with twenty-two tracks.

Apparently, these OSTs went out of stock very quickly, so it may be a challenge to find them. Good luck!


Dear Animefringe,
While reading some of your older articles aswell as newer ones, you seem to talk a lot about ADV licensing this anime. I thought i'd just let you know that ADV dropped this licence in early June 2005. This means that currently, english viewers will have to wait a long time to watch it as all fanu subbing sites have removed it due to it becoming licensed and as of yet, haven't put it back on there lists. Below is a quote from ADV: "Finally, ADV has passed on the Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pich license. Mermaid Melody was a “Big Franchise” that would have required TV backing to be financially viable. While ADV was in talks with networks, these networks re-evaluated the market and it would not have been financially reasonable for ADV to license the title without at TV deal." Just felt i should keep you informed.
4rm Archer

Thanks for the news, 4rm Archer!


Dear Animefringe,
From what I heard, ADV Films dropped the license of Mermaid Melody DVDs. As for buying the Mermaid Melody DVDs, I recently bought Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch Pure BOX 2 from! You can also go to for more DVDs like Tokyo mew mew . They come straight from Japan but if you don't mind the Japanese then you can buy them. They are quite expensive but I think it is worth it.....

Hello Saidahtheseller,
Yesasia and Cdjapan are great places for buying R2 DVDs and CDs; many of the staff at Animefringe use these retailers for their own purchases. If you're a fan of the series, then I would strongly recommend buying the DVDs. You may not be able to support the show domestically, but you can show that there is a market for anime like Mermaid Melody.


Hi animefridge-Team,
I'm from Germany and search the Musicnotes from "Rurouni Kenshin OVA - The Wars of the Last Wolves". Could you say me where I can't find them?

MfG Civer

Hi MfG Civer!
I went to several forums, and I still couldn't find it. Apparently, lots of people wanted the song, because it's so popular, but no one has been able to find it. The closest match I came to was Althea Chia's trascribed Kenshin OVA sheets (but no War of the Last Wolves) from good luck with the search! Hope you'll find it soon.


Dear Animefringe,
My name's Simon Leech and I'm from the UK and the thoughts still nagging at my mind. But can you please tell me if Spiral The Melody Of Logic has been released in England? Just that I've read and heard a lot about it and I still wonder if it's actually out in England and not just in places such as America and stuff. I've only just found this site recently and I'm from Newcastle Upon Tyne.


Simon Leech

Hey Simon!

After Adam beat it into my head that Spiral is from FUNimation, not ADV, as I claimed, you have no choice but to import the R1 release. Sadly, FUNimation is a US-only company.


Dear Animefringe,
Where can you buy these Isues or magazine , i know its on line but on your bookisuse they look like you do, do they sell them at the store? :) that be cool

i love anime!! ^_~

Hi m_jaganshi!

We love anime too! Animefringe is only online, but you're welcome to print out the pages!


Dear Animefringe,
I'm sorry but how can you like the English voice actors? The ones you knew and loved made the game what it was, am I right? Claude sounded close to his age, if not older, Dias sounded as bad-ass as he was, Celine had her seductive quality, and Rena was a cute-ish sounding. Now, since Geneon got ahold of it, they mispronounce his name, Claude sounds like he should be 12 or 13, Dias sounds bad, but not bad-ass, Celine is more of a girl-next- door-ish type, and Rena...just sounds wrong. I mean, I thought the origional game voice actors had something going, as opposed to these jerk-offs who seemed to bastardize it. What do you think it would've cost to get the old voice actors back? Another 1-3k a person? Come's worth it for the Die-hard fans, ne?

Hi Slink Cursed Poet,
I really enjoyed Star Ocean: The Second Story, but I thought that the voice actors really sucked in the game. Mind you, it was my first experience with actual voices in my rpg, so crappy was rather acceptable. It was voices, and they were speaking to me!

For me, the voices didn't match what I envisioned the characters to sound like; they sounded like random people pulled off the street and put in front of a microphone. Claude sounded weak for our hero, Rena like your average college oktau girl. Actually, the anime is closer to my inner version. Dias is still as bad ass as ever. *wicked evil grin*

But I see how it would be a shock for some old fans. I think Geneon is using Crawd because that's actually how the name is pronounced in Japan. A bit of trivia: In the game, Crawd is used in one sound bite as they forgot to replace the corresponding Japanese sound bite. So it isn't some weird thing that Geneon did just to piss off knowledgeable viewers; they're just trying to do a faithful adaptation of the original Japanese game.


I'll have to respectfully disagree with your take on Casshern. Based on your review, I can't believe you watched the same film that I watched. The film I watched was completely deviod of action, direction, and heart. Casshern is like a really hot girlfriend, only she's got no personality, and she's lousy in the sack. Very pretty to look at, but that's it.

Visually, Casshern is easily one of the most beautifully shot films I've ever seen, but the fight scenes are impossible to follow, due to quick cuts, and the film peaks in the middle and lingers on for an extra hour.

First things first. For a movie where the main hero dresses up like a power ranger with a rocket-pack, Casshern takes itself waaay too seriously. It suffers from the same illness that made the last two Matrix movies unwatchable, no sense of humor.

No one cracks a joke; it tries to be kinda dark, but again, the MAIN HERO WEARS A %^$#ING POWER RANGER SUIT!!! This isn't shakespear, nor is the acting or story on par with Shakespear. Lighten the hell up, way too much boring melodrama for a flick based on a Japanesse children's cartoon show from the 60's.

I'm not getting into the actual plot of this film, but I will tell you this. This flick is two hours and fifteen minutes long, but only ten of those minutes is actually entertaining.

And those entertaining ten minutes (and believe me, they are amazing), are right in the middle of the film. So you're bored for an hour, something astonishing happens that pulls you back into the film, and then nothing else remotely interesting happens for the remaining hour and five minutes. That's the worst thing you could possibly do to an audience.

Then we have the fight scenes. The fights in Casshern are edited soo quickly that your eye can't tell what's supposed to be going on, and you feel like you're having a seizure. In one fight between Casshern and a female villian, she's using a katana sword. After a dizzying array of shots that are impossible to disern, she ends up with the sword stuck in her stomach. The funny thing is she looks just as suprised as the audience. Like, how the hell did this happen.

I recommend skipping straight to the big robot battle scene, being blown away, watching that one scene repeatedly until you're sick of it, then turn it off and toss the DVD into the trash. But keep the DVD case, it's pretty.

Later Hater,


Hiya Badpope,
You have your view, and Andrew has his. Thanks for sharing yours here!


hi there,
i am a really huge fan of gundam seed. and i can't wait to watch gundam seed destiny. but i would like to ask you if you know when it is going to be released on tv and what chanel (cartoon network?). if not is there any way to buy the series right now? i mean all episodes of it?

thank you for your time

Hi Sammy,
I turned this question over to our resident Gundam fans, Andrew and Maria, and they reported that Gundam Seed Destiny is licensed, and it will probably be broadcasted on Cartoon Network, seeing that Seed did so well. However, we haven't heard any announcements yet to confirm this.


Dear Joe,
My name is Christopher, and i'm glad that you finnaly found the time to go to Japan I hope that your trip was much more than a learning experence! When I first read your article I was laughing with my mom because when I went to Japan with my High School in April of this year we did your trip backwards with a three night home stay built in. It bassiclly went like this: Day on in Japan in tokyo but to only switch flights to go to Osaka, from Osaka take a private motor coach to Kyoto and spend four nights at the Kyoto royal hotel. Day 2-4 was in Kyoto but day four was acctaully Nara. Day 5-7 was in Ise City Japan in the Mie prefecture where I had the absolute luck of not only spending 3 nights with a High School student there but she was a girl & a hardcore anime fan!!! ( lol I still thank god for that) then finnaly day's 8-10 was in Tokyo and funny enough we were in the Shinigawa Prince Hotel also. Of course althogh the trip was free we had to do projects based on our trip to present to Japan Society our trip sponsors. My presentation of course was o the Anime culture of Japan. And it was pretty well recieved. Lol looking back at that trip most of my pictures was of anime, the giant pocky boxes, and High School girls. Well that's it in a nut shell write back if you can.
Yours Truly,
Christopher N. Sui

Hi Christopher,
International tourist Joe sends his regards, and envy for your real life school girl experience. Please send tissues to the Animefringe head office.


Dear Animefringe,
I extremly enjoyed the manga, however are there any plans for continuing the story? cause it seems they reached the 9th volume and gave up.

Hello M.3assi,
I'm guessing that you're talking about the manga Bremen. As far as I know, Bremen is still serialized in Shonen Jump (Japan's edition, not the US one). However, it has been a long time since volume nine came out. I have no idea, but manga-ka take vacations like anyone else. But it does seem odd, as the story had just taken a big turn.

Now I'll turn the mic over to Shannon, the recipient of much email about anime clubs.


Dear Animefringe,
Firstly, your rescent article on clubs was an enjoyable read, which many anime fans from before the "main- streaming" of the hobby can appretiate. Secondly, as for creating the "greatest" anime club ever(at least outside of Japan), it already exists at the University of Waterloo, and its called CTRL-A (an acronym for Club That Really Likes Anime, pretty witty huh... I didn't think of it). I'm only a junior member, but if you are interested in starting a university anime club I thought I'd refer you to them. They are the largest university anime club outside of Japan, and undeniably one of the greatest. Just thought you might want to check them out for some ideas. Best of luck with your club, and try not to let all your members be Trigun fanboys, hentai freaks, or eva monkeys... well eva monkeys are cool, but not as cool as hardcore 80s mecha-heads... at least thats what I tell myself. Anyhoo, best of luck with you club.


Thanks, M!
If I'm ever in Waterloo I'll try to drop by. Good luck with your club!


Dear Shannon,
I really found your article regarding anime clubs relevant to my way of life! I'm a 17 year old student in the UK, and anime is extremely rare over here. I only know of two stores fairly close by (45 minutes by underground maximum) that stock anime and manga products. Both of these shops, however, are not dedicated to these products.

Anyway, I just completed the second last year of school and am expecting to be going to university in 2006. Currently, I have been attending an anime society on founded this year in school. The society is extremely friendly, and despite being full of mainly youngsters around 11-15, very enjoyable. I was voted to actually continue the society as Chairman for the coming year, which pleased me. :-)

Anyway, the society shows Naruto as a main series, and in the past, has shown either (1) only Naruto for a time period or (2) Naruto and a second medium length (50 of so episode) series. The flaw with this was that the second anime that was being shown often led to dislike of the series - since they are youngsters, they don't enjoy something that isn't funny or action oriented.

However, I sat down with the ex-Chairman and his friends, and decided what to do for next year. We'll be showing Naruto as a primary anime for the entire year. Along with that, there will always be a secondary anime series, always on a short length of around 20 episodes. The short anime has been picked carefully, such as Midori No Hibi, Futakoi or 2x2=Shinobuden, so that the humour appeals to the group. Despite possible mature themes, we still think that we can show these anime since the themes are extremely rare. Believe it or not, the society isn't observed by any teacher so technically we can show whatever series desired! However, we do keep a limit of things!

Anyway, I guess I just wanted to tell you about the society over here and how it runs. On the side, we always have a PS2 plugged into the TV playing some sort of anime-related fighting game like Street Fighter. The anime is shown via the classroom projector plugged into one of our laptops. Fortunately, the majority of rooms in our block consist of projectors and TVs, so we're safe for the time being. You may want to consider these equipment for your society - showing anime on a TV may not be ideal for large audiences, or even in a classroom since it can't be viewed from all angles. The projector, however, allows viewing from all angles and shows up as the size of the whiteboard - making everything visable.

Even being an organiser, chairman, founder, etc., I still feel that interaction between the anime fans is important. Just by knowing I was going to be a Chairman didn't make me feel any different - I still wanted to be watching the anime, playing the games, and most importantly talking with the other people. I really feel envious of you having a society that meets every month in your area - my school is the only sort of society I have over here.

Maybe I will follow your lead and create some sort of area society, however finding the support, funding, precise location and equipment will be extremely difficult.

Thank you for your article; thank you for reading my lengthy e-mail; thank you for taking your interest in anime a step further.

Best of luck for everything.

Hey Shabbir, lengthy e-mails are the best kind! Thanks for writing.


Dear Shannon,
I read your article on anime clubs. I thought it was great!

In case you weren't already aware, I wanted to let you know that ADV Films has a club program called Anime ADVocates. You can read more about it at

Basically, you sign up (once you have your club formed and meet the requirements) and then begin receiving monthly mail-outs. Our mail-outs include an 8-page newsletter with cool content on upcoming new releases and interviews with voice talent or the director. The packet also includes a DVD sampler that has a couple episodes of new releases (which are usually highlighted in the newsletter) along with a bunch of trailers for new shows or upcoming collections. The absolute best part of the whole packet is that it is FREE.

It's a pretty awesome program. If you already knew all this, then please accept my apologies for wasting your time. If not, then please join us when you get your club up and running!

Please feel free to email me at for any questions.


The Anime Club Girl

Hi Kristen,
I didn't know about the Anime ADVocates program, so thank-you very much for telling me about (it's not a waste of time at all). I'll be sure to check it out once my club is up and running.


Dear Shannon,
I run an anime club in Eastman, Georgia that I helped start. With my younger sister we founded Animation Exclamation Club in Feb. 2004. Our club is not affliated with any school, college, or library. We exist because of the members and their effort to bring the club together. It has been very hard to get this club running but a little effort goes a long way.

If you want I can share some of the tips and trade secrets that I have learned over the course of our clubs existence. Since you are going to write about starting a club at your school. I would suggest reading this 'How-To' on starting a club. This 'How-To' guide is a very detailed guide on the basics of starting an anime club. However, this guide tells you how to start an anime club, running the club is a different story.

Hope to hear from you,
Joey Tripp
Animation Exclamation

Hi Joey,
Your How-To site is amazing. It's really comprehensive and answered a lot of questions I've been having about running a club (I bookmarked it for future reference). Even for people who aren't starting an anime club, it's an interesting read. Thanks very much for your e-mail.


And finally, we're at the end of this month's issue of Animefringe! Drop in next month and drop us a line, letting us know what you think! Venting on the 'Hot Coffee' scandal is more than welcome, particularly when it turns to the issue of those weird Japanese cartoons and comics, whether companies will start plastic wrapping in mass. Anyways, stay chilly!

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