Your production staff this month...


Adam Arnold's been so busy since returning from Comic-Con that he somehow hasn't found the time to unpack. Yes, the DVDs, promotional items and posters that he returned home with are still sitting on his floor ready to be put into their hermetically sealed storage chamber, but Adam just hasn't peeled himself away from his computer long enough to do that. Adam's so busy that he's now working on a new form of cloning to help him with his multi-tasking capabilities.


With a two year wait until Book 7, Janet Crocker is trying to space out her reading of the latest Harry Potter book. She is also trying not to be too mean to the thousands of fangirls who had their fanfic-inspired dreams shattered. Who knew that J.K. Rowling was writing a children's book, and not a kinky slash feast for the eyes? Right now, Honey and Clover and the SNES game Paladin's Quest (aka Lennus 1) have the rights to Janet's soul. Oh, as well as the occasional Snape fic. Can't forget those, now that the writers have loads of new material...


This month, Shannon Fay has been reading like a fish (if fish were literate). Mostly shes been tackling her reading list for the upcoming school year, which means getting to know Dante, Darwin, Plato and Goethe, among others. Shes also read Harry Potter, and she plans to read the Battle Royale novel, neither of which is on her schools syllabus, but Shannon thinks that they should be.


Patrick King is going to be spending most of the month of August trying to score a copy of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas for, ahem, research purposes. In the meantime, he's playing wholesome, family-friendly Mature rated games. Games like Conker. Right now, he's on the part with all the poo. What a lovely game!


Aaron H. Bynum is perched upon the precipice of cordial good byes, fanning farewell to this summer of our discontent. His musings of the bond between the understood and the experienced has fluttered to a plateau of indifference. Cannot the wicked learn observationally as well as the just? The only way for intellectual malevolence to subside is to render it useless. This perch upon an unending resolve, is his peering down at the shores of maligned innovation. Surmise that one sincere kiss and he is free, or that with the cry of a woman's breath, he will plunge to his death.


July has been a busy month for Benedict Nguyen-Lee. At the very beginning of the month, he had to attend freshman orientation at the University of Texas at Dallas. Orientation was more stressful than what he expected. It's a wonder how he made it thought it all. In the meantime, he has been trying to finish up his high school courses during the rest of the summer, before attending college in mid-August. On the anime front, he's been thoroughly enjoying Ichigo Mashimaro, as he has watched the first episode three times, and the second episode two times already! He has bought the four character CDs and opening single CD as well. He blames the Japanese, only naturally.


Even though Susan Hsu feels pretty awesome from having obtained her TESL certificate this month, she is even happier that she has finally figured out that she likes the manga version of Gunter more than she does Conrad from Kyo Kara Maoh! (although she prefers the anime version of Conrad)! She feels that this realization has been her biggest accomplishment this summer, and she is so looking forward to the AE convention at the end of August! ...Mwahaha!


Chris Istel's month was dominated by Harry Potter, and an overbearing amount of work. He's glad that the PSP web browser is out, but disheartening rumors of voided warranties are sort of ruining that party. P-TV is awesome, though, and he will soon acquire a gig stick so he can fit a sizeable portion of the offered content onto his PSP. He finds all this "Hot Coffee" debate interesting, although frankly, he thinks Rockstar was asking for it by pointing so many fingers. Hopefully next month, he'll actually have money for anime, or join Netflix.


Its now August, and that can only mean one thing for Joe Luscik: FANTASY FOOTBALL!!! Over the past four years, this has become not only a pastime or a little hobby for Joe and his friends from work, but an obsession. Joe was lucky enough to be the champion for the inaugural season of the league, but he has only managed to make the playoffs once in the past two seasons, so this year, Joes looking for big things. After the huge bust of Joes third round pick, Travis Henry, hes hoping not to make the same mistake again.

Ee Pin

It's all about Harry Potter this month; however, selling it, not reading it, is what twirled Ee Pin into a frenzy. That and writing a fanfic for the Manifest 2005 Fanfic Competition in Melbourne. However, with much of his time spent watching Scrubs and The Adventures of Mini-Goddesses, playing Need for Speed Underground 2, working, finding another job, and finally, praying for the Sakura Taisen V game to drop into his lap... It appears this fic will still take a while to emerge.


Reading Harry Potter, trying to find a job, and PWNing God of War and Destroy All Humans has meant this month has flown by for Lesley Smith. She is now anxiously awaiting her exam results, while playing ZERO: Shisei no Koe to pass the time. Lesley is also facing one of the great questions of our time: should she buy a PSP or not? Answers on a postcard please! She is also officially the last person in the UK to change from dial-up to broadband Internet, so check back next month to see if it is possible to go through 30 gigs in 28 days.


Still in good steed for his goal to eventually be the only person left in the world to have not read a Harry Potter book, Tim Henderson has instead taken to revisiting old gaming and anime favorites. Gabriel Knight 3 has been the main order of the day, reminding him of a time when he used spend as much time gaming on his PC as his consoles. Unfortunately, he has since realized that a puzzle involving a swollen window-frame and a large English ladys hemorrhoidal cream will probably scar him for life.

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