Girls Bravo Vol. 1

by Joe Luscik

Each harem comedy has to have its own little story twist to make it stand out, and if itís not completely awful, then it stands a shot at being a decent show. In Girls Bravo, the twist involves Yukinari, who is a high school student who is short for his age. Because of this, he was always picked on by girls. Yukinari has developed such a fear of girls that he gets a rash whenever they come close to him. Sometimes, he even gets sick.

Yukinari does manage to find one girl that doesnít affect him, after he is sent to a different world when he gets knocked into his bath tub by his neighbor and childhood friend, Kirie. Kirie, only naturally, is a very well-endowed pretty high school student. Upon entering this other world, Yukinari is greeted by Miharu, and surprisingly, when she touches him, Yukinari is completely fine. We also get to find out that this world has a problem: the population is less than ten percent male, so whenever one is seen, the women tend to get very excited.

Yukinari eventually returns to Earth, but Miharu travels back with him. Now Yukinari has her living with him at his house, eating all of his food, going to school with him, and of course, causing trouble.

Girls Bravo is a pretty straight-forward harem comedy, as you have a group of pretty girls going after one dork for one reason or another. Thereís the childhood friend thatís just discovering her feelings, the girl that had a fortune teller predict that they should be together, the hot older sister, and of course, the sweet, dream girl of destiny. As of now, most of the main cast has been established, but we still need to meet about two more girls.

They manage to get in some pretty funny comedy that is either slap-stick or very sexual in nature. Just wait until you see the banana scene, and yes, itís exactly what youíre thinking it might be. Of course, a harem comedy wouldnít be complete without the goofy guy that gets in the way, and Girls Bravo has Kazuharu Fukuyama. He loves all of the girls, and he wants them all for himself, so of course heís going to play some havoc with the love hexagon. A decent small touch was having his sister as one of the girls after Yukinari, and she is certainly unique, considering she dips into the black arts from time to time. I personally like her two bodyguards, one of whom really wants to get with Kirie. This particular bodyguard also happens to be a woman, so this harem comedy hits multiple levels of fan service.

The first volume sets up the story, introduces characters, and it helps in giving a sense of where things might go. All in all, nothing is really accomplished, but then again, for a harem comedy, there isnít really any major elements that need to be set up. You do get a good load of characters here, and we know the deal with the lead character, so the first volume gives you enough material.

Girls Bravo is a show tailored for fan service fanatics, as there is plenty to see. Thatís really what this show is about. Of course, there is a romance element, and a decent love triangle, as the lead female is quite sweet, and the childhood friend actually lends herself to what might be a nice romantic touch. The comedy is certainly more dominant than the romance, and it takes up most of what you see. Even though the emphasis is on comedy over romance, Girls Bravo is one of the more fan service shows Iíve seen. You have a lot of pretty girls, panty shots, nudity, lesbians, and most of the jokes are sexual in nature. If fan service is what you really care about, then Girls Bravo might be a good title to pick up.

Despite the pretty dumb story, it managed to be entertaining enough, and I was laughing at most of the jokes. Iím a big fan of romance, and behind all the breasts is a chance at what could be a nice little love story. Of course, more girls are waiting to enter the fray, so things could heat up even more.

Youíre not going to get any ground-breaking animation in Girls Bravo, but it has attractive female character designs, so it gets the job done. The music also isnít anything special, nothing really stands out, and the opening and ending songs are mediocre. You also get some very uninspired voice acting for the dub, with lines such as "...Even if she touches me, I donít get my girl rash."

Itís your typical four-episode release. Extras include a line art gallery, original opening, and all of the regular stuff, so itís not too bad as far as thatís concerned.

Iíd say that if Girls Bravo was only thirteen episodes, then it might work, but seeing as itís twenty-two episodes, I have my doubts about how it will hold together. There really is only so much sexual humor and fan service that one person can take, and with the series being so long, episodes that actually move the plot along might be few and far in between.

Girls Bravo certainly isnít up there with the likes of Love Hina or Ai Yori Aoshi, which had the quality to transcend the stigma of the fan service/harem comedy genre. Itís more towards the level of Green Green , although not as dumb. Simply put, Iíd be hard to actually say that I do or donít recommend Girls Bravo, because only you know if you like this kind of show. Even though it does seem to accomplish what it sets out to do, I will say that if you skip this show, youíre not missing out on the next great anime of its generation.

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