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It's back to school time!

Yes, time to get all those school supplies for the kiddies and start waking up even earlier than normal just to get the kids to the bus. Sadly, Fall is hot on our heels. Enjoy those last few days of hot summer fun while you can!

Anyway, you should know the drill by now. But in case you don't...what we have here is the latest installment of Animefringe's Wanted!--that strange little column where our staff rattle off a list of all the killer stuff they're most looking forward to getting in the coming month and beyond!

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Lesley's Picks

(Book) Loop by Koji Suzuki - This is the final chapter in the Ring trilogy, finally being released by Vertical. I loved Ring for its creepiness, and the way that it sucked you in. I loved Spiral for its amazing storyline, and its prowess as a medical thriller. However, I'm kind of dreading this latest installment, because I know it's nothing like the previous volumes. Why am I scared by the prospect of reading a book?

What else???

(Movie) Dark Water - I love the original Japanese version, and as Hollywood's passion for remaking Japanese horror films shows no sign of letting up, I feel I have to go see this, even if it is to review the movie for the next issue.

And finally:

(Music) Koe by Amano Tsukiko - This is the latest single from one of my favorite Japanese artists, and it also happens to be the image song for, yes, you guessed it, ZERO: Shisei no Koe (aka Fatal Frame 3: The Tormented). The song itself is beautiful; both uplifting and depressing, but it doesn't have quite the same beat as Chou, the image song for Fatal Frame 2: Crimson Butterfly. Plus, I just love the cover, and according to Emi-chan of Beyond the Cameras Lens, it can be purchased from Amazon.

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Janet's Picks

(Manga) I Luv Halloween - I've heard this manga being hyped in forums, and maybe I can get my Johnny the Homicidal Maniac loving husband to get hooked on manga.

(Manga) Socrates in Love - It's the manga version of the Japanese best selling novel about an average boy and a beautiful girl with leukemia, and their love. Sounds like a tear-jerker to me, but really good.

(Manga) Stellvia - Since the anime already owns me, I might as well buy the manga as well.

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Timís Picks

(Anime) A hastened local cinema release for Howlís Moving Castle - This was actually the closing night film for the Sydney Film Festival, and I missed the last ticket by a total of two minutes. I felt like crying. I had been on hold for at least ten minutes.

(Anime) His and Her Circumstances Box Set - Listed if only because, unlike the other stuff on this list, I'm actually likely to get this one.

(Game) Killer 7 - This may just be a roundabout way of saying that I want my brain to be severely messed with. A full frontal lobotomy would also be appreciated.

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Ee Pin's Picks

(Anime) Full Metal Panic! 2nd Raid - The whole Full Metal Panic! franchise has been so popular for a good reason, and now, with the whole cast back, I can't wait to get my hands on more robot/panty shots/soldier otaku/panty shot-ness.

(Game) Sakura Taisen V - I've only waited three years for this one to come out, and be it good or bad, I need to play it. If only to pilot more rice cookers to battle demons.

(Manga) X Vol. 19 - I don't think it will ever appear on the shelves. Will this saga ever end?

And of course, good ole money.

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Shannon's Picks

(Car) An Utena Car - A gas guzzling SUV? No way. An energy efficient smart-car? Nah, they look funny. No, the car I really want is an Utena car! Course, I have to pass my drivers' test first.

(Manga) Bleach Vol. 8 - The only thing that I dislike about Bleach is waiting for the next volume to come out. I want to go to the soul society already!

(Manga) Unearthly Vol. 1 - This awesome shoujo romance is written by none other then Ted Neifeh, the writer/artist of the also awesome Courtney Crumrin. The previews of it so far have been excellent, though Iím still waiting for the sci-fi elements to kick in. Iím also eagerly waiting for volume 1 to go on sale.

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Benedict's Picks

(Anime) Akane Maniax Vol. 3 - After a long wait, this final installment of Akane Maniax will be released late August 2005. It will come with a reversible cover, "wedding" version figurine of Akane, and a box to house all three volumes. It'll be great to have yet another R2 Japan release that will be complete on my shelf.

(Anime) Air in Summer [Limited Edition] - When I saw Air TV earlier this year, I thought it was an above average anime. However, the arc that I liked the most was the "summer" arc, which focused on Kanna, Uraha, and Ryuya. If this arc was by itself, I would have given it a 10/10. There's just something about it that I liked a lot. Anyways, Air in Summer is supposedly two episodes long, containing the comedic parts of the "summer" arc that had to be left out in the TV series due to time and plot constraints. It should also further detail the adventures of the trio. I've pre-ordered my copy of it, since it's scheduled to be released early October 2005.

(Anime) Ichigo Mashimaro Vol. 1 [Limited Edition] - I absolutely love the anime adaptation of Ichigo Mashimaro. The mood, atmosphere and pacing of the episodes so far are quite on par with the manga. In contrast to Azumanga Daioh, which divided its episodes into five parts, Ichigo Mashimaro combines chapters to create a full episode. Ichigo Mashimaro is about cute girls doing cute, everyday things. The limited edition of volume 1 includes episodes 1-2, a booklet, a box to house three volumes, a postcard, and an illustrated card case to store the postcards. I've pre-ordered my copy of this as well. It's scheduled to be released late September 2005.

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