Your production staff this month...


Adam Arnold is gearing up for some major Atlanta con-age this month. First up is his trip to Dragon*Con (September 2-5) where he'll get to chill with Courtney Crumrin creator and Unearthly writer Ted Naifeh and he'll follow everything up with his yearly trek to Anime Weekend Atlanta (September 24-26). It's going to be one wild ride. Hope he can manage to find some time to get some writing done!


Janet Crocker has spent the month making a slow return to full-time work, now that school is back in session. (Pity the children.) She is getting ready for next month's Nan Desu Kan in Denver, and all the photo-taking and panel-visiting that it entails. Ah, the pains of writing a con report. In other news, she finally saw Sin City on DVD, and she thought it was a really good violent/erotic movie. Then again, Janet has never read the graphic novels, but she intends to.


Shannon Fay had many grand, epic plans for the last few days of summer, but instead, she spent most of her time watching American cartoons. Luckily, her summer job allowed for much cartoon watching. The only thing stopped her from spending all of her time watching Teletoon was the fact that she had seen so many episodes of Kid's Next Door and Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends that pretty soon all that was on TV were episodes that she had already seen. She is now looking forward to the fall, when the new series of the previously mentioned shows will start, and God willing, new episodes of her favorite American toon, Filmore (one can always hope).


Patrick King REALLY likes Hot and Spicy Ramen noodles, despite their complete lack of nutritional value. They're essentially flour, salt, hot...things, and more salt. What's the deal? What kind of flavor is "spicy," anyway? Talk about unhealthy. Right now, he's getting ready to enjoy tons of the stuff when all of his friends and relatives come in for Labor Day, and they all head over to the Japanese Festival in St. Louis. Look for him and his entourage there, if you dare!


Maria Lin has moved from the industrial jungles of New Jersey to the tropic heat of Hawaii, all to pursue her education. (Right...) She's had the wonderful privilege of doing homework for a few weeks already, and she has managed to spend so much on food outside of the cafeteria that her wallet has all but two dollars left. This doesn't phase Maria in the very least, because the next stop is Japan!


Andrew Chanthaphone, after covering Otakon, finds out that one of his friend’s favorite voice actresses, Hilary Haag is coming to AnimeUSA in November. He is afraid, for his friend is the ultimate fanboy. Besides that, NFL is coming up soon, and Andrew's sunday will consist of two things: fantasy football and his team, the Seattle Seahawks.


This month, Susan Hsu has tried her best to not let her fifteen French textbooks on her shelf intimidate her. Instead, she has focused on the doujinshi drawings that she has Sharpied onto fluffy pillows imported from Poland, as well as the sweet memories of working as staff at Anime Evolution 2005. Gaah! She can't believe school is starting soon, for there are still so many anime to watch, make into doujinshi, and write about!


Chris Istel was so busy this month that he almost forgot to write a blurb! He did buy a PS2, and manage to squeeze out a Feature in the midst of all the craziness, however. This month has been his favorite of the year so far, mainly because of the release of Kanye West's new masterpiece, Late Registration. He now eagerly awaits We Love Katamari! and this fall's release of the PS2 Resident Evil 4.


Joe Luscik has gotten into some arguments recently over who is the greatest running back in NFL history. For some impossible-to-comprehend reason, some people are telling Joe that someone other then Jim Brown is the greatest RB in NFL history, which is just absurd. Jim Brown lead the league in rushing eight out of nine years, he has the highest yards per carry average in NFL history, he’s a two-time league MVP, he won a world championship, he’s Rookie of the Year, he never missed a game, he retired as the league’s rushing and TD leader, and he was selected to the NFL’s all-century team as its starting RB.

Ee Pin

Other than finishing his fanfic, belting out bad versions of anime songs, and working to pay for his ever increasing DVD expenditures, Ee Pin has also been playing his beloved Sakura Taisen V. He likes it. Oh sure, the characters are different and the songs aren't as catchy, but hey, it's still Sakura Taisen and the robots still look like rice cookers. In other news, he has been watching far too many Scrubs episodes for his liking, and he can never look at a doctor without sniggering at least once... ever... again.


This month, Lesley Smith's beloved laptop has been in the shop, so she has been biking three miles a day, running a household, baking the world's most perfect muffins and walking her dog, Winter. She has also been enjoying the sporadically sunny weather (ahh, the British summer, what an oxymoron), and she has been avidly watching Lost on Channel 4 (she thinks Jack is cute). When she is not searching for a job, Lesley has been learning how to use Dreamweaver and building her own website. In fact, considering Lesley didn't know when html when she started, she is feeling rather pleased with herself.


With a certain article from a reliable source pointing towards the existence of Shenmue 3 gracing his monitor on the 23rd, Tim Henderson has spent the rest of the month wetting his pants.

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