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Once again, into the breech! This month, we hear some questions about Legal Drug, Monster, 20th Century Boys, Submarine 707R, some clarifying information from astute readers, pleads for anime, and we receive some pretty thank you notes.

Drop us an email with your comments, critiques, whatever you want to say! Donít be shy! We did receive a question this month about people submitting information about their own projects, such as websites and creator-owned animation. We love to hear about pet projects, but we will not advertise or do Ďlink banners.í Thanks. Now onto your emails!

Dear Animefringe,
That was an extraordinarily informed, well-written and knowledgeable review.

Hi Whispers!
Thank you for your praise for the Victorian Romance Emma feature! I think that itís a fine series (both anime and manga) that merits further exposure and licensing in the US. Viva the upstairs, downstairs action!


Dear Animefringe,
Well, i'm not the type who usually does this, but your review is the best anime review i have read and i felt the need to congratulate you for that. It's not only a review, but an excellent analysis. The reviews i've read so far were all lame and they only discribed the subject. I have to admit that your style is very accurate and you have talent, really. I wonder if you graduated a Faculty of humanities or somenthing, because you definitely know how to write, a skill which seems to become so rare, especially when it comes to anime.
Well, i'd like to read more of your reviews

Hello ruxiruxi2003,
Thanks for happy thoughts about the Honey and Clover feature, and Iím glad that you found it to be informative and fun. Yes, I hold a Bachelor of Arts honors degree in English Language and Literature. Unfortunately, none of my term papers were on anime. Alas.


Dear Animefringe,
Hey man i liked you review of the 707 movie but one thing puzzles me is it a movie on its own or just an episode collection because it feels like there is more to come !!! many thanks Kerim form Denmark

Hello Kerim,
Submarine 707R is a stand-alone OVA, adapted from the Submarine 707 manga, published in the early 1960ís. Youíre right about it being incomplete; the second episode ends with a ďto be continuedĒ message. Unfortunately, that boat seems to have sunk. I would suggest reading the manga to uncover an actual ending to the OVA.


Dear Animefringe,
I can't say enough how I love the magazine. the reviews, manga shorts, insightful articles, it's all great :), but now to the matter at hand.

I've been a Legal Drug fan for a while now, and I've began collecting the manga. After finishing up the third volume I started wondering when the fourth would make it debut? Upon further investigation,( via message boards) I found out that there is possibly not going to be a fourth volume. I heard somewhere that CLAMP hasn't actually finished the Legal Drug manga, so it's been left hanging until further notice, then I heard the fourth volume wouldn't be coming out until January '06. Now I'm really confused. I've learned to take everything I read on message boards with a grain of salt, but I'd like to now which is true. So basically my question is , is there an actual fourth volume of Legal Drug, and if so when will it be out in stores?

Thanks for taking the time to read my question. Keep up the awesome job, because I can't get enough of Animefring!

Sincerly ,Tolu.

Hiya Tolu!
Thanks for the love! As for Legal Drug, TOKYOPOP is showing a fourth volume on their website, but no street date for release. From my experience, that means that they know that the next volume will be coming out... eventually. A January street date is probably being optimistic, but we can cross our fingers!


Hello Janet. My name is Timothy Gregory. I have some questions regarding Star Ocean EX:
1.) Is it still possible to get the series anywhere?
2.) Can I get it through you?
3.) Would it cost me anything to do that, and if so, how much?

Reply whenever you can.

Sincerely Tim

Hi Tim,
In answer to your questions:
1) Yes. Check your local anime convention or an online website such as Amazon.
2) No. I am not an anime supplier.
3) Prices depend on where you go. Iím assuming that New Zealand has the same region-free status as Australia, as in you can play US DVDs. If that is so, Iíd guess about $30.00 per DVD. Or do you mean for free? Sorry. The Magic 8-Ball is growing dark. Uncertain. Ask again.


Dear Animefringe,
First thing I have to say is that this site totally rocks! I'm definitely going to start coming here alot. I am a really big fan of Jpop and anime and it all started with anime back in fifth grade ^^. I found this site though, when I had been searching for Morning Musume on line and came across an older article. I found it really interesting and it made me think of something. When people talk about Momusu they tend to mention how hard it is to get away from them in Japan but even more than that, people mention how hard it is to get away from Johnny's and Johnny's Jr.s in Japan. I don't know which is more all over the place but I am a fan of both although I'm a bigger fan of Johnny's and I know that there are alot of things going on all of the time with Johnny's Jimusho. As an example, V6's 10th anniversary is this year and earlier this year, well, so far they realeased a new single and three different DVDs. One of the members (Junichi Okada) has been in two movies recently and will be in another next summer and Another member (Miyake Ken) is also starring in a movie to be released next summer. The older half of V6 (20th Century)have been working in stageplays lately, Morita Go, The only one I haven't mentioned is going to be in a tv Dorama coming out this fall and they filmed a movie during spring that will also be released this fall. All this and still almost two months until their actual 10nth anniversary. That's only V6 though. There's almost always something happening with all of the groups (I used V6 as an example because I love them best). There's more too, though. They do seem to be everywhere including an especially advertising and tv because of comercials (and I don't have a single Japanese tv show on VCD (and I have alot, trust me) that doesn't have at least two commercials with Johnny's mamber in them and they weren't the same one either I tried to count them all and I lost count) and variety shows that almost every group has and promoting their music all the time. There are a bunch of the groups and always the threat of a new one with all of those kawaii Johnny's Jr.s dancing behind the groups or singing on tv. The 'Jimusho' has been around since the early sixties. They seem to be a really important part of Jpop. The problem being that no one really realizes it all that much outside of Asia. Well.. they probably do but I'm not talking about SMAP only.

Alot of English Jpop sites or anime sites with Jpop content (and I'm not saying anything about this site because I haven't looked around enough so just hear me out) ignore them. I understand that the whole pretty boy pop group idea isn't as widely accepted anymore but when you get past the image the music isn't as bad as it would seem. Is it just because people mostly pay attention to the kawaii girl groups and singers? I think that that's how Jpop is widely seen outside of Japan right now (and this is not talking about Jrock either or Japanese music in general, just Jpop).

For a while I had it in my head that it was because all of the rumors and scandel that surround Johnny's Jimusho so often. With the legal issues in the past and all of those things that have happened. So I figured that it was just ignored-like a peaceful boycott or something-so that websites wouldn't get a bad name. Now I'm actually asking someone else's opinion. Yours, more specifically.

I haven't looked at many issues but I don't think you guys ever did an article on them... If there acually was one and I missed it could you direct me to it, please? There are a few that I've found but most of them have paragraghs in common with each other and some are the exact same thing.There are some paragraghs that I've read in probably three different articles. There's never any originality. And I'm not sure if you take requests for articles but I think it's a good idea for people who like Jpop or Just Japan in general like me to learn about this (especially probably the girls ^_~) The other articles I've seen are quite informative but rarely tell any sort of opinion or real point of view and often have multiple errors in the "facts" that they state. I don't specifically want more people to be like me but I think that there are people who would be interested that don't know much actual information and I think it's something that maybe people might like to know about. Let's face it alot of people are kind of nosy. The rumors and scandel and all of that won't hurt their reputation that much (it hasn't in the past).

Anyway, Thank you very much for reading this I hope you will consider maybe agreeing with some things I said or looking up more information (alot of the groups sing songs from anime so they might be even more of interest ^^)


p.s:if you've made it this far, thank you so much again for reading this! hope to hear from you ^^

Hiya Hizel,
Yeah, that is a long letter, but really informative! Basically, we write about what we know and love. Our J-Pop correspondent(s) left this year, and only recently have we acquired a fan who loves his soundtracks and music! (You know who you are.) While I doubt that weíll pen an article on this in the new future, at least you got the word out.


Dear Animefringe,
Could you guys release a podcast for animefringe (if you don't know what that is, check here: or at least have an RSS feed to put into a news aggregator like My Yahoo or firefox's live bookmarks.
(By the way, love the site.)

Thank You

Dearest Anonymous,
Animefringe isnít a newsfeed site, so thereís no real point to having an RSS feed that gets updated once a month. As for podcasting... We played with the idea once, but it would take so much time and expense in purchasing recording equipment. Better to keep doing what we do best: writing a monthly magazine.


Dear Animefringe,
I Like the story. it is better than on Gundam Seed(1). the story is dynamic and very complicated. i never see this kind of story in the rest of gundam that i watch and read. Pls make Athrun And Cagalli together or in other words make them marry to each other. Are you gonna make another saga or series.

Hi Marlaleg15,
Unfortunately, Maria is not the creator of Gundam Seed Destiny, but she wishes that she was. Then she would be rich.


Dear Animefringe,
Has anything changed regarding the subject I discussed before? Is Monster still coming out from VIZ and when?


Hello Jesse,
Iíll repost two of your original questions, as Maria answered your third one before.
1. Does VIZ have the rights to the anime and the manga of Monster? When are each coming out?

Well, there are reports of the first volume of manga coming out on either October 4th, or December 31st. It seems that no one currently has the rights to the Monster anime.

2. The other title that you mentioned along with monster that you said was only a manga series and had yet to be animated, when is VIZ releasing the manga for that one?

Thatís 20th Century Boys. ANN reports that VIZ Media originally wants to release both Monster and 20th Century Boys at the same time, but the manga-ka, Naoki Urasawa wanted Monster published first, then 20th Century Boys, as he felt it would be a disservice to his art if the manga were release out of chronological order. So I think I can safely say that 20th Century Boys will be appearing sometime in 2006.


Dear Animefringe,
I know that the creator ended Inuyasha with nothing resolved as far as situations and what happens with the characters in the end. She left things the way they were, and that nothing was completed. Four Inuyasha movies have been made and I have seen the first three. Do you know if the creator is planning on making a movie 5 where she gives the characters and fans closure on what happens?? I think that would be a wonderful idea. I fell in love with the series when it first was released in the United States, and was very disappointed when I found out that the series ends with no closure and nothing resolved.
So what I decided to do to give myself some closure of the series was that I pictured how the ending would happen and decided writing it out. Before I knew it, I had a complete story of what happened to who and how it occurred. When I read it, I can actually see the images in my mind, like watching it on TV, and it fits the ending of Inuyasha perfectly. I would love to email my ending to the creator (not to say that my writing is better than hers, or that she couldn't think of an ending and left everything unattended to)but one never knows, she might want to make a fifth movie to end the series and give the characters, as well as fans the closure that's been anticipated. If you can help me with any information, it'd be greatly appreciated. I anticipate your response at your earliest convenience. I appreciate your time.


Hello Nancy,
Everything has a purpose, even unfinished anime. Iím sure that the manga-ka appreciated your enthusiasm, but thereís a reason why many Harry Potter fanfiction writers are so scary. Besides, Inu-Yasha movies are still being made, so itís not like the series has *really* finished telling its tale.


Dear Animefringe,

"People can not gain anything without first giving something in return. To obtain, something of equal value must be lost. That is Alchemy's first law of equivelent echange. In those days, we really beleived that to be the worlds one, and only, truth."

Alphonse Elric
Full Metal Alchemist

Thats how al says it in the american version.

Hi Kyorge198,
Thanks for letting us know.


Dear Animefringe,
Hey, i am a new reader and my friends wanted to know who you thought was better? Sesshomaru or Inuyasha and why you think so. Thanks for your time.


Hello Madison,
Iím not an Inu-Yasha fan, so Iím not the person to ask. However, the Inu-Yasha fans at Animefringe seem to favor Inu-Yasha. Donít ask me why. Maybe itís the ears.


And yet again, weíre at the end of an issue. Come back next month for our penultimate issue and another round of letters and random email spam, or tasty Pocky and questions.

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