Your production staff this month...


Adam Arnold may not have hit up any cons, he did have a rather eventful September. He's been busy writing his webmanga Aoi House and recently took a senior editor position with Seven Seas Entertainment. Still, he did manage to find the time to see Serenity on the big screen and showed off his uber-otakuness by importing the FFVII's Advent Pieces Limited Edition box set.


It's convention time! Time to let loose with the Pocky! Janet Crocker can't actually read her newly acquired doujinshi, but isn't it so cute?! She's been stricken lately a lot by the Cute Bug. First, it was the pink blankets and bunnies... now it's the manga! She supposes that it's a mothering thing. Either that, or she's going crazy. Same, diff.


Shannon Fay spent much of September in school. She is looking forward to October, as it contains the first school sanctioned holiday: Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving in Canada comes earlier then its American counterpart; probably because the founders of Canada realized that sometime around October 10th, students would be getting restless and eager for a day off. Shannon is very thankful for this indeed.


Patrick King has been in such massive anime withdrawl that he lost track of what he was going to say in his blurb!


There's no rest for the wicked, or in this case, Maria Lin. Although there was speculation that she was abducted by rabid FullMetal Alchemist fangirls, the truth is that she's taking more classes than she should, working a bad job for low pay to afford the classes, and going crazy over all the arcades within walking distance of her dorm. She has also managed to disprove the theory that if separated from P2P, an anime fan will start spending more money on buying stuff. It's not that she doesn't want too; she already has a hundred dollarsí worth of manga in her room; the money just isn't there.


Aaron H. Bynum has found that belief, faith and intuition are not always beneficial to the self. He finds objectivity a meandering reality without practical reason. There must be no contradiction in the act of self-determination. But this Practical Reason does not confine the universal principle of Good to its own inward regulation: it first becomes practical in the true sense of the word, when it insists on the Good being manifested in the world with an outward objectivity, and it requires that the thought shall be objective throughout, and not merely subjective.


This month, Susan Hsu has been relatively... grumpy, if anything else. She just realized that the courses that she's taking are going to be tougher this year, so she looks forward to the end of the year, where she can watch as many Kyo Kara Maoh! episodes and etch as much fanart as she pleases. She also looks forward to Hallowe'en -- but she is most eager to get her health back, thus her concentration as well -- so she can focus on what's most important. Don't be too surprised if you don't see her too much for the next little while!


Mandy Bevers has been buried under piles of homework, but she has found a way to dig a hole just large enough to pull a few books through to read. She spent a lot of money on Japanese snacks that she did not intend to spend, although she is very happy with her six-month supply purchase. She also bought some awesomely great anime goodies, including a Brandon Heat and a Klaus Valca bobble head, and a human form Kyo Sohma plushie!


Joe Luscik feels that itís time to give some credit where credit is due, and praise The Muppets Show. †Recently, The Muppet Show was released on DVD, and society is so much better because of it. †The Great Muppet Caper is still in a three-way tie for Joeís all-time favorite movie, and being able to watch all of his favorite characters, such as Sam the Eagle, The Swedish Chef, Beaker, Ralph, Zoot the Sax Player, and all of the other classics makes Joe very happy.

Ee Pin

Ee Pin has just finished a day at Manifest, where he emerged much wise, dirtier, and significantly poorer in monetary terms. On the plus side, he now owns pretty artwork that nobody is supposed to get their grubby hands on. He has also discovered that life just on Pocky... will not do at all.


Lesley Smith suddenly cannot remember what she's actually done over the past month, aside from surfing the net, job-hunting, and trying to give up chocolate. She does remember that the Tokyo Game Show led to some big announcements, aside from that insane Revolution controller. For example, Kingdom Hearts II is getting a Japanese release in December, just in time for Christmas, while SIREN 2 is following in February. Aside from watching Lost, Carnivale and Hustle, Lesley discovered blogging and she has started 'Through the Eyes of a Journalist,' which she is now addicted to, instead of chocolate.


Tim Henderson has spent most of the past month being a nervous wreck. Between his work computerís sudden refusal to get as far as loading Windows, and having to give a class seminar, heís undergone enough stress to make up for what he may have missed out on earlier this year. With a seventy-plus gigabyte project sitting on his hard drive, a computer fault was enough to turn him into a more organic-looking version of Michael Jackson, and a poor track record in class presentations allowed him to turn yet another shade whiter. Fortunately, these things have passed with non-disastrous results.

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