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by Janet Crocker

Happy Belated Halloween to everyone out there! Once again, you have reached the last page of this month’s issue. Drop us a line and tell us what you liked and hated about this month’s articles, or any recent articles! As December will be our final issue, we will have an extra long Mail Desk next month, so send in your farewells and comments to contributors new and old. Enough with the sentimental stuff; let’s answer some questions! Deadline is November 20, 2005.

Dear Animefringe,
Hi! I read your article about Belldandy and the Ah! My Goddess movie book. I wish there's an english version of it. and it's very expensive!! $50?? Maybe for you guys it's no sweat, but here in Manila, it's very very expensive- the price of which is at par with the Taschen's Manga book.

Nevertheless, thanks for featuring it! Is there an mp3 of Cantilena Angel?

Hello Julsitos!

Let me toss the mic over to Lesley, our Ah! My Goddess resident otaku fan:

"Hi there!

Sadly buying books either by importing them or buying them from Japanese bookstores can often be expensive. I was in university when I found that book, and I saved for two months to have enough cash to blow it all on manga and Japanese books.

The track "Cantilena Angel” can be found on the official Ah! My Goddess Movie OST, which was released by Geneon and can be purchased from Amazon. There are mp3 versions avaliable on the Net, but it's much better to get the entire CD, as the music is amazing.”


Dear Animefringe,
Hello Patrick...or Mr.King or whatever you prefer. Personally ive never been to this site or seen your work, but I did find your article when i was searching the internet for Tenchi Muyo Ryo-Ohki. You say that you haven't watched the series. I must say in my opinion your are missing out, and to answer that question about the voice actress i do have the dvd and every tenchi ova series video not all of them are in english but i do have every ova series and honestly i believe i am the only person in america to have watched all of the episodes of tenchi muyo, tenchi universe, and tenchi in tokyo before they were even put on sci-fi, or cartoon network. But back to the voice actress, yes you will miss her...slightly BUT, if you do remain loyal to the series as well as just watch the story develop you quickly forget about the voice casting. By the way i was wondering if you could tell me wat happened with the original voice of Ryoko? it would be apprieciated. Anyway Mr. King as you can see i am a big fan of Tenchi i would appreciate it if you would write back. I would love to have someone to talk to to discuss this whole matter but no i havent seen tenchi GXP maybe you can update me on that. Thank You

Fan of your article,
Jack Ganthier

Hi Jack!

After much consultation among the Animefringe staff and the Internet, we’ve determined that rumors of the original voice actress of Ryoko, Petrea Burchard not being offered enough money to reprise her role is probably close to the truth, or as close as we’ll probably ever get to the truth. As for Tenchi GXP... I haven’t seen it either.


Dear Animefringe,
[The Twelve Kingdoms] was truly an enjoyable series, however ended abruptly and from my searches 2 years ago. Do you know if there will be any conclusion to the series? I'm dying to know what happen to Taiki. Well if you have any info it would be appreciated greatly. Thanks for your time. Sincerely,
Linda Adams

Hiya Linda!

Let me tap the infinite knowledge of Patrick to answer your question:

"While the anime series has come to an end, I'm still holding out hope that the novels will make it over to America some day soon. With Vampire Hunter D and Slayers in print in English so far, there's hope.”


Dear Animefringe,

The idea is cool, but I think that they could take it more in the direction of the shows they got the idea from (i.e. Sea Lab 2021, Space Ghost Coast to Coast, etc). They could release a product with a similar, but different name (as it is actually a different show). Cartoon Network has been digging into the old Hanna-Barberra archives and digging out shows that were, or commonly weren't popular in their day and "re-mixing", redubbing, and inserting frames (badly), for a couple of years now with great success, as I'm sure you know. (I don't actually live in the USA anymore, and I haven't "watched TV" in over 5 years).

What I have seen of them off the internet is hilarious to at least amusing. And in most cases made better use of the original material (in my humble opinion). I am old enough to remember when they were actually ON TV.

But, I think since Anime is still niche market and depends upon the whims (currently) of the Otaku consumers, I think they should make it "different", as a humorous product. I think that would it appealing to even the purist consumers, in a way. And they could even have a limited re-release of the original subs/new dub, or even just true subs available on the DVD (Along with the new humorous subs for hearing impaired). Then they have a bit of a cult niche product on their hands, and with some good writers could even launch a small line of similar products, thus increasing profits, reducing the impact cost of liscensing anime, thus making Anime DVD cheaper, or more titles available. YaY!

Though I have to admit I live and roam in places where the internet is my only real source for my anime needs. I am just looking out for you guys.

Have fun, be well.

-Friday Hefler

Hello Friday!

This is another topic where I defer to my colleagues. In this case, to Patrick:

"Naturally, the cool thing about making alternate parody dubs is that they can fit right alongside regular shows, thanks to the storage space on DVDs. Purists can be pleased just as easily as those looking for something different. It's true that it takes far more work (and writing) to do this, but perhaps the payoff will be worth it. We'll just have to see how well Ghost Stories does.

After all, even if it is a promising idea, it will take some really good writers to make it appealing to more than hardcore fans of the American voice actors chosen to do the dub.”


Dear Animefringe,
we wany yo know if you exist. Also haow do you draw so good? maybe you practice a lot!

Hi Leslie!

Yes! I exist! Living is good. As for drawing... er, that’s not me. I write things and edit things. I don’t draw. I suppose that I could draw better if I actually practiced, but I’ll leave that field to others.


Dear Animefringe,
Hi my names crystal and i need help
where do get mermaid melodies pichi pichi pitch on game boy advance in english
i really want that game!!!!
And was ravemaster made in japan?
and hi hi puffy ami yumi rock!!!!

c ya l8ter aligator!
in a while crocodile!
dont get fat chubby cat!
have a laugh big giraffe!


Hiya Crystal!

Animefringe isn’t a warez site, and you’re not going to find the GBA Mermaid Melodies Pichi Pichi Pitch game in English legally. If you really want the game, learn Japanese and import it from Japan. Oh, and yes, Rave Master is anime/manga.


dear sir...
I've seen your comment about ruler of the land but I didn't see where I have to download it.could you help me? please... I loved that comic and wants to know the next story. could you tell me where I should download it?

thanks for your time...

Hello Eris!

The Ruler of the Land manwha, like many ADV Manga properties, has been put on hiatus, but three volumes are available in English. As for downloading... Well, you can probably guess the answer yourself.


Dear Animefringe,
Hi there,

My name's Amanda and I'm currently President ... or at least for another two weeks... for the anime club at Sydney University in Australia, fondly known as SUAnime. Our club's annual general meeting is coming up soon so the club executives will be changing hands onto the new team for next year soon.

Anyway, I just read your article about anime clubs and just wanted to wish you a whole-hearted "ganbatte!!!" Reading your article reminded me of the days when SUAnime had just started out, which was actually in my first year of university.
I was so excited to find an anime club and made friends through it very quickly. I got involved with helping the executive in my second year and soon became an exec myself and then found myself running the damn thing >_< hehehe. We've been around for four years so things are a lot more cushy now with accumulated funding from members and our university union, but yes, I remember when the club could barely run a screening because the university's hire fees were so expensive!! So I wish you all the best with your club and to never give up smile.gif As long as you've got people you've got a club!!

Good luck with those announcements too smile.gif They'll get easier, the more you do them! Cheers, Amanda

Hello Amanda!

I’ll pass the phone over to Shannon:

"Thanks Amanda. I actully did an announcement in front of the class the other day... and it was awful. But you're right, it will probably get easier with time. Good Luck with your club!”


Dear Animefringe,
Would you know where I can buy the original Japanese film on DVD. I enjoyed the American version so much I would really like to see the original. I hope you can help me. Thanks

Angela Mann

Hiya Angela!

As Lesley is also our Japanese horror movie expert, here she is!

"The original Japanese version of Juon: The Grudge is available at a video store near you! It's been released in both the UK and Europe. The sequel Juon: The Grudge 2 is also due to be released in the UK in January.”


And once again, we’re at the end of the page. Thanks for your emails and your readership! Send all of your questions in to the Mail Desk, and we’ll try our best to give you a somewhat satisfactory answer. See you at the same place, next month!

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