Your production staff this month...


Adam Arnold has had what you might call...a busy month. Between Animefringe's forthcoming retirement and webmaster duties, he somehow managed to keep something secret from us. Adam's horrible at keeping secrets, but somehow he managed to keep the fact that he is the senior editor in charge of the Boogiepop novels and manga a secret from even our prying eyes. To catch up with all the latest happenings with Adam's life, be sure to check his Aoi Notes weblog attached to each installment of his webmanga Aoi House.


Janet Crocker acquired Matt's 4 Gig iPod Mini this month, so she has been having fun listening to music at work and ignoring her co-workers (she bought a pair of noise-cancelling earphones), while Matt has been enjoying his silver 30 Gig Video iPod. It is very shiny and cool. When not being socially aloof in her blantant geekiness, Janet has been watching the Paradise Kiss anime and watching her stomach expand into an oval watermelon. Mmmmm... Fruit.


‘Remember, remember the 5th of November.’ Shannon Fay has been spending a lot of her disposable income on movies lately. She’s especially looking forward to V is for Vendetta, so much that she’s considering dressing up as Guy Fawkes when she goes to see it. If you go to see it, make sure you don’t sit behind her as the big hat that’s part of the costume will probably block your view of the screen.


Patrick King just spent the last week of October celebrating his birthday by moving into a new (well, to him) house with his fiancée, Lauren. He will be spending the next few months convincing her that it would be perfectly okay to line the whole place with bookshelves filled with anime, manga, and video games.


Wow, this month has just flown by for Lesley Smith. As well as continuing her job hunt, she has been revamping her website and has also begun freelancing for the UK anime magazine Neo. Aside from this, Lesley is now saving for a shiny black video iPod which she hopes Santa will pick up around Yule. She has also just turned 25 and is full of hopes for the future. Life is good.


He may be suffering from a runny nose and sore throat right now, but that’s probably because with the completion of what may be the last academic essay he will ever have to write, Tim Henderson life has been relieved of a good dose of stress. It always works like this – so long as he is incomprehensibly busy not even a direct injection of a killer virus could take him down, but when everything begins to wind down his immune system does the exact same thing. Somehow, he also found some time to (after countless years) play Burning Rangers, which made him happy.


This month, Susan Hsu has devoted a large portion of her time trying to recover from a cold between school and her part-time teaching job. She has used the rest of her spare time applying for JET or Sharpieing her usual sketches--be it on paper, Bleach cosplay costumes that her friend Jenny made, or fake-tatooing it onto her skin. She cannot wait to fully recover from her constant coughing so she could go back to watching anime (namely Maruma), or perhaps even start a leaf collection. After all, that's what autumn's all about, isn't it?


Mandy Bevers has spent part of October trying to do homework, read Harry Potter and the Halfblood Prince and have fun. She has also recently begun research for her ten-page paper and final presentation for an English by reading many books on Harry Potter, which she has only gone through two of over a dozen so far. She is also really excited and counting down the days until the new Harry Potter film comes out. Other than that she is also working on a ten-page paper on the politics and government of Japan and China for a Comparitive Politics class.


November is National Novel Writing Month, and Maria Lin is going to be spending it in front of her laptop, clicking away like a monkey with dreams of being the next Poe, or Descartes, or Dumas. She will sustain herself on nothing but coffee and bananas, and by the end of the month we'll have to see if she hasn't gone mad. Since this little masochistic endeavor of hers will be talking up all of her time, Maria has also started practicing for the excuses she'll be making in class for missed assignments. Things like, "My fish ate it," and "Well, I didn't know that was assigned," should suffice.


Aaron H. Bynum is pulling to a close the decisive content of meaningful thought. He knows that there are individuals who claim that whatever kind of Rational Psychology exists to evolve, entertain, or solve societal disillusionment is corruptive. However, Aaron is hoping to source finite motive; of the resultant ambition and goal of thought is that which is conclusive and circumscribed of Self. This means that what pneumatological evidence survives the eventual deliberation is neither self-contained nor self-maintained, but rather, merely self-generated. This constitutes the qualitative character of feelings, perceptions, fancies, ideas, aims, and duties of our thoughts and notions.

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