Beck Original Soundtrack

by Ee Pin Pang

Get ready for an intense jamming session! Get ready to scream out names and headbang your way into delirium! Ladies and Gentlemen, get ready for Beck!

I read the manga, and I was blown away. Desperately searching for the anime, I found it and watched, only to be blown away again. Finally, I grabbed the original soundtracks for sale. I listened to them, and yes, I had my mind blown into another galaxy. In Beck Original Soundtrack - Beck, I found emotive music, raw feelings and a passion unlike any other found in anime music. It's like listening to a rock concert on a different level!

The opening theme, "Brainstorm," would make a great start to any album, with its insane riffs and high energy. Another similarly powered song is "Spice of Life," with the singer rapping up a storm. "Like a Foojin" is also a rap, and while the raps are mostly incomprehensible, the band itself is superb, providing excellent accompaniment.

Then there are the slower ballads, with the voice of Koyuki, the main character of Beck, never ceasing to amaze me. While not possessing the greatest voice in the business, Koyuki sings with a passion and fervor that speaks to the heart. Minus the very bad Engrish lyrics, songs such as "Face" and "Slip Out (Little more than before)" have a certain sense of innocence. When watched in context of the series, the songs seriously rock. One of my favorite songs on the album is Koyuki's version of "Follow Me," which is a Beatles-inspired tune by the Rocketboys (an entirely fictional group) that simply keeps my fingers drumming.

Mixed into the album are short songs that appear in the series. Some are pop tunes, such as "Sly" and "Genki wo Dashite," which has a catchy tune and a good vocalist. Other songs, such as "Lost Melody" and "Gymnasium" are short rock songs. While not having the length that would make them instant classics, they are still a good listen.

I'll now devote a paragraph or two for two of the best songs on the album. "Moon on the Water" is a quiet ballad that has two versions on this album, one where Koyuki sings with a band, and another where he duets with Solewu. Personally, I don't know which version is better; both have their strong points. Koyuki's powerful voice appears in both versions, and it compliments Solewu's voice perfectly. The band and soft orchestra provide excellent backup in both songs. The lyrics aren't too bad either, but it's the silence and peacefulness in the song that grips me.

"I've got a Feeling" is a Beatles tune, and it is the highlight song of the entire series. It begins with an acoustic guitar strumming out simple chords when Koyuki starts to sing the lyrics. Then the drums come in, and soon the bass joins them. Finally, the guitar smashes in with stunning power, and the band feels whole. Koyuki's voice gains strength with every stanza, and the song climaxes in a highly-charged manner, creating a very good song.

Beck Original Soundtrack - Beck is an album full of energy and passion. By itself, the music within would grab you easily with its youthful manner. However, when listened in conjunction with the series, then you've got yourself an album that you will not forget soon.

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